Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1 Little Monkey Sitting on the Dresser?

So... Last night Pauly was being WAY too quiet in his bedroom - so Ben decided to go sneak in his bedroom just to see what he is doing. A lot of time we'll just catch him sitting on the floor or on his bed reading a book. It is adorable - he loves to read!
BUT yesterday, he was sitting on top of his dresser. He wasn't doing anything - just sitting very still on his dresser - of course it was where he could climb on one thing and over to it - so I've got some rearranging to do. I think no matter where I move things he will still climb. That is just the stage.
Tonight, he was jumping from couch to ottoman back to couch. Ben keeps saying thank God we have insurance because soon enough we'll take our turn with our trip to the Emergency Room (Knock on wood)... 2 boys - I think, unfortunately, it is inevitable!

Boys' Room!

I plan to put the two boys in the same room as the other two bedrooms in our house are down in our basement. My Little Man is too little still to go down in the basement all by his lonesome. He'll only be 2 in September so for now they will go in the same room. I plan to keep the room the same for the most part but maybe changing up a few things. I was looking through Google Images to see what ideas I could find. Here is a pic of the nursery when Pauly was born and for the most part (minus rocking chair, nightstand then add in a toddler bed and a toy box) it is the same... I really want to paint their names on some boards or maybe directly on the wall. Maybe just their initials like this

I also ran onto this cool idea which I completely love. The alphabet letters in all sorts of different fonts and colors. We don't have any crown molding in that room but just putting up a boarder like this and maybe painting beyond that a separate lighter color and same as the ceiling would really be appealing to the eye.Then I found this sign and I just couldn't help myself. Maybe I can recreate it on my own... I bet I can ;)

I've still been struggling getting Little Man's quilt done that includes the same bold colors as the baby bedding set. I've got to get focused and get it done before I get too big! I wasn't sure if I had posted any ultra sound pictures so here is a couple. We are calling HIM Dos. (as in #2) (Paul's nickname when he was in utero was Banjo - it was a nickname that came to a dream of his Auntie Holly - so we just called him that as we kept his name a secret from the family and that is what we are doing again - not that we have a name yet anyway... we are really struggling :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spit like a Man!

So... on Thursday - Pauly and Daddy went to watch some men practice Rugby. These are some men that not to long ago Ben played Rugby with and is friends with. Pauly had a great time watching them and they played with him and talked to him.

They came home and Pauly was tired! Just worn out! We got him bathed and then off to bed. The next morning, Ben left for work and Pauly and I were hanging out at the house and I noticed that he was squatting down and spitting. ALL THE TIME! I had to tell him no spitting just when you brush your teeth and outside - okay!

Daddy got home and explained to me that he had learned about spitting during the Rugby practice. I was totally NOT MAD! about this - I think it is perfectly natural and totally adorable for a little boy to want to be like his daddy and spit and stuff! Don't get me wrong it is hysterical watching spit drip down his chin because, of course, it takes practice! But just the same it is darn cute!

Now, he has also started telling me he doesn't want his shirt on because... (you got it) he wants to be like daddy and run around without a shirt all the time. It is totally adorable!

I just can't believe all these Men I'm surrounded by! Not to mention the one that has taken up residence in my uterus who thinks he can kick me anytime he wants to! (mouthing the words... !!Help Me!!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Special Agent Dos...

Some of you may remember when I was pregnant with Pauly... Our Auntie Holly had a dream that we named him Banjo! Hilarious right? Well... that became Pauly's nickname while he was in utero.

Have you seen Special Agent Oso on the Disney Channel? Ben gets that silly song stuck in his head and well let's be honest... we all get it stuck in our head. So last night, we were out on the front lawn talking (it was gorgeous out last night!) Pauly was playing with Dapher and Ben said Special Agent Dos that is #2's nickname... So I shall call him Dos... Here are a few ultra sound pictures of our baby boy "Dos".

Nickname: Special Agent Dos

Friday, June 26, 2009

Makes My ♥ Smile...

This picture is so inspirational to me! I love the color and shape of the tile. The glass cupboard doors make it feel so open and delightful. I love the wooden wicker like shades. So very beachy and fun! Yes please...

photo from: My Home Ideas
The bedroom below kind of looks like something you would find upstairs at Grandma's House... Okay, Okay Grandma in the Hamptons but just the same... very put together, the ocean colors and crisp linens are delish, along with the white boards that goes up three quarters up the wall - Awesome!

photo by: Posh Living, LLC Beach House bedroom on Flickr

Now, this bed! Who couldn't fade away into the sweet dream land in it?! I adore the white wood plank walls and what about that door? I would love one or two of those doors in my house with the frosted glass... Yum!

photo by: Studio M Design on Flickr

I swear I was born on the wrong side of the U.S. I adore this house in East Hamptons... (who doesn't?) Can't you just imagine waking up to this view and drinking coffee out on the porch? Then later taking a nice walk along the beach collecting sea shells.

photo by: drbeach.org

Picture this... You and the one you love sitting here for hours.

photo by: Just Beachy
What makes your heart smile?

I ♥ Ina!!

The Barefoot Contessa is something I look forward every day at 3 p.m. on Food Network. My boy is usually still not up from his nap by then and I can squeeze in one last moment of peace and quiet with Ina Garten.

From her fabulous kitchen and yard to her scrumptious, decedent desserts and don't forget those fantastic tips and tricks for party favors and table settings. I just love her! She is sunny, beautiful, classy and timeless! Take it all in and enjoy Ina asap!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Boy of Mine

Little boy of mine so sweet,
I cannot wait to kiss your feet,
Hold your hand and touch your head,
Wrap you tight and off to bed,
Keep you warm and be near by,
Mama is here so don't you cry,
Your daddy can't wait to hold you tight,
For brother it will be love at first sight,
When you arrive we all will be near,
My precious, my sweet, my little dear.
To my little boy who is on his way,
Love, Mama

Boy O Boy!

For those who have not heard via phone call or on Facebook. We are expecting #2 Boy. We found out yesterday. The ultrasound was great and the lady said he looked perfect. He wouldn't let us get the shot of all four chambers of his heart that the lady had to have but she did see everything and said it looks good he just wouldn't turn right for the pic. He was sucking his thumb and drinking amniotic fluid... it was precious! His little profile looks very familiar... I hope to have pics some time soon!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I love you Ma and Pa!

I could never even begin to write of how thankful I am for my mom and dad. Can anyone? There were us three girls on a little place out in the middle of no where. We had horses and from time to time cows, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. Growing up where we did and in the life I did was amazing and I wouldn't want it any other way. We would play outside practically all day running from the orchard, to saddling up the horses and going for a ride to getting all those chores done.

When I was little my dad drove truck, long-haul. He would leave usually on a Sunday afternoon and be home Saturday night, just in time to go to bed, get up and go to church in the morning, eat a little lunch with the family and maybe get a nap in and start it all over again. There were definitely times where he didn't actually get to come home and it might of been 2 or 3 weeks at a time.

I remember being a junior in high school and it was Homecoming Week and I was on the powder puff team. Jodi was on the opposite team than I. We were warming up and Jodi and I looked over to the bleachers and there was dad! We had no idea he was home and was coming to the game. I also played sports all through junior high and high school and I know he would of been there for every single game if it had been possible. I remember him showing up to a few and it was so awesome when he could but usually he would call in the evening to get an update on our day and I would tell him about my games.

He worked so hard driving truck day and night - trying to get home to us girls. We never went without a thing EVER! We always did whatever sports we wanted and had whatever we needed all the time!

Obviously the whole time my dad was gone our mom was playing the part of mom and dad. I don't know if you can relate but having my husband gone for even a day or two puts me into a BIG stressed out mood! She worked at the Pharmacy in town and that was convenient because it was a block away from the schools. She was at every game, making sure we were getting homework done, fed and off to bed.

I can remember dad pulling out of the drive-way and it never failed something always went wrong as soon as he pulled out and my mom would have to deal with it. Either recruiting our Grandpa Bill or other men from our church to help out. From frozen faucets to broken down cars or pickups or needing firewood or hay, there was always something she had to deal with we could always count as those people to help. It would be so tough having all those stresses for years and years on end. I remember her being a little stressed but mostly I remember good times and lots of laughing and always feeling super safe and loved!

Later on, mom would usually leave the house at 6:30 or so in the morning to get to work where she was a secretary for a large waste management facility - so this meant that we also had to get ourselves on the bus. Of course we gave her a run for her money but over all we were good girls and took care of lots of things around the house and helped out. We all rodeoed so usually we would get home from school, exercise the horses and practice and then get done with that, sometimes we would start some type of dinner then do homework and off to bed.

When we rodeoed mom would usually be traveling with us and boy those were good times then when possible, dad would show up in the truck or come a little later and I do remember him being there quite a bit for our rodeos. BUT of course even there we had the fill in daddies who we could count on and mom was juggling recruiting of those daddies and all the stresses we had of competition and performing well.

I'm so thankful to say today that my dad did stop driving truck a few years after I left the house so one of my sisters did get a little more daddy time and dad didn't have to miss out on all of us. It was a hard deal for my dad not to be there for everything but bills had to be paid and God puts us in certain situations for reasons... my dad was a huge light for God while he was on the road as he still is today. Dad is now working at the same location as my mom and thankfully they get to ride to and from work. They are really like little honeymooners now that they finally get to spend all this time together.

It is such an amazing thing to see all the crap they had to go through and how strong it made them as people, their marriage and their spiritual walk with God. I count on their guidance every day and I'm so thankful for both of them. There isn't a day that I call mom and run some situation past her about how I might of should of reacted as a wife and she lines me out. Her encouragement is so valuable to me. It makes me step back and realize that Ben and I are going to have hard times but it can be done through God's strength and lots and lots of prayer. The Lord always provides and we always have each other no matter what.

Father's Day 2009

Yesterday we had a lot of fun. We all got up and went to church. Holly and kids were here visiting for a couple days as they made their way back to North Dakota from paying their respects in Portland when Granny passed. We all had a relaxing day and in the evening Grandad came over which was also wonderful.

We ate a huge meal consisting of hamburger, hot dogs, potato chips, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, watermelon slices and pineapple triangles and ending with a delicious and might I say beautiful coconut cake I made for Ben as he loves coconut and cake of course!

We had fun laughing and hanging out all day. Ben got a card from Pauly, Me, #2 and Dapher Too! and we showered him with hugs and kisses all day. He is such a wonderful daddy and husband. I am in such aw of him when I watch him with Pauly. We are so blessed to have our Daddy.

Yesterday was also my daddy's birthday and Father's Day and I called him to wish him a happy day but I was really bummed to not be with him too. I love my dad and appreciate his love and guidance!

It is such a blessing to have these amazing men in our lives and I'm so thankful my son and baby #2 can enjoy them as I have. These men all have a real heart for God and the respect, pride and honor that shines from all of them is truly a blessing in our lives.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Now, don't get me wrong! I know I did stupid things when I was young but this was before I was married, before I had kids and I'm totally not saying doing those things was okay but I didn't have any responsibilities to anyone but myself. I chose to hurt myself over and over while family, friends and coworkers were telling me STOP! & This is a bad situation! I just pushed those people away while Satan pushed me through many many more messes and I just kept along because he totally had my #NUMBER#!

I'm not so much glad I went through this big mess but I totally think it happened for a reason, I've learned from it and it has shaped me to be who I am today. The situation was addicting and it took a lot to get away from it. (No it wasn't drugs or alcohol) I'm just so thankful that after so many many months after realizing I was in this train wreck I still had a friend left over and my mom and sisters were there and they hadn't just wrote me off forever.

There is a certain situation that has been floating around for the past 9 months or so and whenever I think about it for a while I see what things I lost as far as opportunities, friends and self pride - I just want to bang this "said" girl's head up against the wall! Mostly because I love her so much but also because there is one particular little sweet reason with pigtails that just makes things SO MUCH MORE SERIOUS!

My husband keeps telling me not to be mean to her about it and to be sweet and be there for her but whenever she says something so completely bazaar I pretty much tell her I can't believe that you might be considering this or that - and Don't be a stupid women! These comments don't help and even staying completely out of it doesn't make me feel like I'm helping any. I realize that I'm not supposed to solve the problems of the world but it breaks my heart to watch this happen to this particular girl. Not any of us really know what to do besides just pray about the situation (which obviously isn't just Nothing - it is definitely Something!) Having gone through this already I just want to fix it and tell her STOP! and have her listen ya know!?

Price of Peace

The Price of Peace by Alyssa Gaddis of Springfield, IL. She and her sister Cassy sing this song found here. Grab a tissue.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank you Jesus

I found a Toddler Bed for Pauly for $15 and the lady even delivered it! I told her she was truly a God Send. It was so nice of them to bring it to my house without charging them more. Thank you Jesus for little surprises we wouldn't otherwise expect.

Today we went to Winco and I had my list and we got our groceries and as we were packing them up in the parking lot and pulling out I said "Thank you Jesus for our groceries!" and in Pauly's little voice he repeated what I said. It was precious!

This last Sunday we were singing during open worship and I usually let Pauly sit with us for about 4 or 5 songs then he goes down to Nursery to play so Ben and I can enjoy the message. Well, there was a prayer during the open and the lady closed her prayer with of course Amen, and Pauly said "Amen!" which is something he hadn't said before...

We pray every night but usually he squints his little eyes and get this!... my mom, dad and Casi taught Carti to clap at the end of the prayer so he would usually clap at Amen - which is perfect right? Well... instead he is now closing with Amen.

Cool Citrus Basil Lotion

Ever since I got pregnant this round - the mornings are well... just medium. I don't get sick (usually - except for today) but boy am I nauseous and on the verge at every moment! I keep myself from getting sick by (for some reason this works and I don't know why!) putting my hands in cold running water and closing my eyes. Isn't that weird? It is very bazaar I think but it works and at that time you'll do whatever works! Another thing that I've found that is totally working for me is smelling the fragrance of Bath and Body Works lotion Cool Citrus Basil Lotion! I found this in my cupboard about 3 months ago. It works like a charm. For some reason my nausea totally subsides and it gives me sort of a burst of energy! If you are looking for a yummy new scent for summer try it! It is delish!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Legacy

Ben's Granny passed on Sunday. I had met her last summer. I only got the chance to meet her the one time. She was already suffering from dementia and was struggling. Although she was already fading she showed signs of that feisty, kindhearted Granny that Ben and my mother-in-law knew. She smiled and she joked around a tad. It was a beautiful moment to have spent with her.

It is truly amazing that she was with us as long as she was. Ben struggled with the fact that she was in her state for so long... he wanted to know why God would do that. Obviously, I don't have the answers but the only thing that kept running through my head is how many people she may have touched even in the unfortunate state she was in. We don't know how many times she came in and out of her dementia and in that opportunity sparked a smile or a kind word to another patient living there or possible a nurse working at the home. Maybe it was a nurse who was trying to figure out why she was working there and that little Granny spark of smile completely answered her questions. Maybe it was a patient who was missing his/her family and found comfort through Granny. We will never know why he kept her this long but I know God uses all of us in amazing, unforeseen ways. We never know when it will be, who we will be with or how he'll do it. This is the only answer I have to this frustrating question. We must have faith and take comfort in the fact that God is in control and knows what is best for our lives.

I'm so blessed to have met Granny. Ben and I are both so thankful that our Pauly was able to have met her and we were able to take a few pictures. She was 97, I believe, when she passed. It is amazing to think of the things she did or saw in her life. I've heard she truly had a heart for God and I feel we do have a special connection, even though I never really got to know her and that is that we both are playing a part in the same legacy and that is the Legacy of our Lord and Savior.

Sami's Super Easy Greek Salad

1 can drained and rinsed garbanzo beans
3 tomatoes (med. size) cut into med. pieces
1 small onion cut into rings and separate the rings
1 cucumber (I like to peel) cut into med. pieces
1/2 c cilantro chopped
1/2 c feta cheese
3 T red wine vinegar
1 t oregano
1/2 t garlic powder

I made this recipe up this weekend and I just HAVE to share it! You'll find this recipe colorful, healthy and tasty! It's super easy to throw together and stays nicely in the refrigerator if you have leftovers.

All you do is put these ingredients in a bowl and mix. You can put it in the fridge so the ingredients and meld together or serve immediately. I served it with grilled chicken breasts and warm pita bread. Hope you love it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh My!

So... my boy has now picked up from me the term "Oh My!" This is something I started saying probably 3 years ago. I can't help it - I say it when someone says something that is shocking or does something shocking. I admit it sounds super funny when I say it and about half ridiculous. I tried to stop but I can't! My mom and sisters and of course my husband makes fun of me all the time. Now it is like Pauly is mocking me... it is pretty funny each time he says it because lately he has been saying it for everything!!

Pretty Aprons

I am obsessed with pretty aprons and have been on the hunt for an affordable one for myself for a while.

But, like most of you mamas out there - once I find that exact moment when I do have the money and I'm standing in front of the item I've been wanting for a while something comes over me and I think well... little man could really use some new t-shirts, and he needs a potty chair, this and that. So I usually don't end up buying whatever I wanted or doing whatever for myself. I went a whole year without a "professional" haircut last year (I did get one from my sister-in-law but if you don't get to get your hair washed professionally it doesn't count :)

Someday... (pathetic sigh...)

Today I ran on to these in Etsy and I just love them so I wanted to share. They are by GreatGoods! The black one is my favorite :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Barack Obama!

Today we went to the Library for story time then after we went across the street to the Julia Davis Park play area. It was a really cool little area with great toys for younger kids! Paul loved it! When we first arrived there were a ton of kids! There were a couple girls that loved Pauly and wanted to carry him around like they were his little mamas. (Their daycare instructor put the kibosh to that - thank you!) Then there was a sweet little girl who was making sure he was okay going up and down the steeper set of stairs, then there was Barack Obama! Yeah he was at the Julia Davis Park today don'tcha know?

Well... not really but there was a little blonde kid running around with a YMCA t-shirt yelling! "I'm Barack Obama!" It was kind of cute. He seemed like a loner type kid because later I noticed no one sat by him at lunch time...poor thing, but during his announcement speech- he happened to be standing by Pauly when he yelled - yet again, "I'm Barack Obama - the President!" Well you should of seen the look on Pauly's face - if I was guessing what he was thinking it was... "Who the heck is that? and WHY are you yelling at me?" This kid then said to Pauly, "Don't be afraid, I'm Barack Obama!".

By this point I was just about rolling on the little cement perch I was sitting on. It was hysterical - between the kid yelling and excited about being Barack Obama and Pauly's look he gave him - I had wished I had a camera! Maybe you had to be there...

Later on, I had to pry Pauly off a sweet little girl that he was just smitten over. He was running after her all over the play ground, just following her everywhere and then he started hugging her. That is when mama had to run and help him because her daddy was on his way! What can I say, my kid knows when a girl is cute - just like his daddy I guess...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blahty Blah! Blah! Blah!

Oh my Goodness is this blahness ever going to pass? I mean this pregnancy leaves me for days and days at a time just totally blah! I'm tired, don't have any gumption to get up and get going, no energy, can't be inspired - just BLAH!
I catch myself in this numb half asleep feeling and I'm like "Perk up girl! Get going! There is lots to do!!" -then I just sink back into my chair and stair at the tele. Ugh! I'm going crazy! My house is a disaster (inside and out) and my boy needs to go outside and play, I stink and my toe nails need repainted!

I just need to come out of this shlumpy way! I've found today that I really respond to a few things so I'm going to try and trick my way out of this ditch. I really like yummy smells. I pulled out my last plug-in smelly from Bath and Body Works (White Linen is what I think it is) and Music too is a huge energy booster for me and I love French Music so I made up a play list and put that on my other Family Blog so all I have to do is pull it up and I can listen as I bop around the house. I think tomorrow I'll go buy some bright flowers and get them put in a few rooms. If you have any other ideas I'd appreciate it.

I think next, maybe this evening when the boy is asleep, I'll make a check list and work on it item by item. and just keep waddling along!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Guess who turned 2!

Our little girl Macarti Rae turned 2 yesterday! Mama Casi baked a cake for her and this little bicycle is from Mimi and Papa!

We wish we could of been there for your birthday Cart! You are such a sweet baby girl! We love and miss you!

Uncle Ben, Aunt Sam and Pauly!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Music, New Look, New Fun!

Hope you like the New Look for the Melton Family Blog - I compiled all my favorite French Music! Hope you all Enjoy! Pull up a chair, kick off those flip flops, grab a cool drink and listen to the tunes. xoxo, SJ

Friday, June 5, 2009

Who, What, Where, When God?

You know when your mind is just boggled full of questions and you wish they would be answered NOW! My husband and I are struggling with a personal matter right now and I just wish it would GO AWAY! You know! I wish that I could just run away from it... although this is not the type of people we are - we want to always be known for our reputable integrity and for being responsible. BUT HONESTLY! just this once? Can't we just walk away? I just want an answer for this now God! Help us! We need your guidance!

My wonderful husband, knowing the state I am in (pregnant belly and all), has said he will do most of the leg work to take care of this situation which I am ever thankful for - but in the mean time I'm trying not to stress, but I just do. It is the way I'm made up - what can I say :)

I know what I can be doing and that is praying and I will continue to do so. Thank you dear Lord for my husband. He works so hard to take care of us and I love and trust him so.

It's a little late but Mother's Day was Awesome!

My Mother's Day was pretty great! We went to church early and came home and had a Mediteranean Feast with my inlaws. Yes, I cooked on Mother's Day but it was totally not a big deal! The boys got me a beautiful card which I was actually pretty surprised and we spent all afternoon out on the front lawn on a blankey and playing with toys, balls and bubbles! Here are a few fun pics of our little fam.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pauly and I spent a week in Washington!!

Well, as many of you already know about 2 weeks ago Pauly and I ventured to Washington and spent a week with my sister. We had a fabulous time and the week was packed full of delicious food (just ask Pauly - he loved Aunt Jo Jo's food!), lots of outside playing time (I have a tan - it's a miracle!), and fun outings with the Browns! First off when we got there we took a tour around the house and I got to see Jodi and Brian's place... they have worked their little hearts away at this place that looked like it was near death when they first got there. Her house is adorable, painted a awesome tan/yellow and she has hanging baskets of red flowers hanging from the eves. She also has hung an American Flag that yours truly gave her years ago. What can I say - I'm a fan of having an American Flag out front - it is just my way. She is a heck of a gardener and yard keeper. Her yard looks very well trimmed and you should have seen how darn cute she looked wearing her cute little (well not that little) shorts with her irrigation boots mowing her lawn on her riding lawn mower with her sweet little farmer boy riding along. I got a pic of it but I haven't processed that one yet... (first I've got to find a new place to process my film - that is another story!)

She had a menu all planned out including the first night she made me BBQ pulled beef sandwiches - they were divine! That evening we went for a ride in the pick up and we drove around the ranch/farm. It is amazing the land out there... rolling hills of green wheat fields. Gorgeous! The next day we took the kids in to play at the park and she gave me a little tour of their cute little town. The kids went crazy on the big slide!
The kids had a great time hanging out together! They have a little tikes playground with swings and a slide and they played on that and in the water for hours. Pauly especially liked the little car they had. Birch and Pauly would (as well as they could) would take turns with the car and toward the end of our visit they were getting a long really well.
Pauly loved Bailey Boo - he was pretty sure she was the next best thing right behind his Aunt Jo Jo's cooking. She was such a doll while we were there. She let the boys ransack her bedroom and was such a good helper with the boys. She is the sweetest thing! She is beautiful just like her mama.

Later on we went to Portland to Cat Tales; which is an all large cat zoo. It was awesome! We saw a white tiger, lions, leopards, a HUGE mountain lion and tigers... and bears! Really bears too! They stunk bad!

More pics to come later! Love you all and thanks for such an amazing time with ya!

8 Things Thursday

8 things I am looking forward to...
1. Finding out whether our baby is a boy or girl
2. Seeing Jodi again in July
3. Paying off debt
4. Driving my new car more ;)
5. Seeing my family at the Family Reunion in July!
6. Meeting my new baby!
7. Seeing the ocean - someday
8. Organizing and Decorating to get ready for our new little one

8 things I did yesterday...
1. Made Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast (my husband's fav)
2. Laundry
3. Rearranged my living room with my new TV table my Aunt Louise gave us
4. Played outside blowing bubbles with the little man
5. Took a nap
6. Cleaned
7. Made a delicious dinner (Chicken Breasts on the BBQ, Zucchini and Green Bean packets, over Whole Wheat Pasta drizzled with Herbs and Olive Oil)
8. Watched Wipe Out! (Hilarious! Watch it if you haven't already!!!)

8 things I wish I could do...
1. See the ocean
2. Live within 25-30 miles of both my sisters
3. what the heck my mom and dad, Granny and Grandad and all my sister-in-laws! What can I say I love my family!
4. Have Air Conditioning installed in my house
5. Grow my hair past my shoulders
6. Lose 100 lbs :) ( I might be over exaggerating - and yet I may not be:)
7. Go to Alaska
8. Go on a fabulous European trip just me and my hubby

8 shows I watch...
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Ugly Betty
3. HGTV anything!
4. Food Network - especially Barefoot Contessa
5. MASH (NOT by choice - my husband adores it and I don't mind...
6. NBA (Again not by choice and if I had it my way the NBA wouldn't exist!
7. FOOTBALL!!! Now that is more my style!
8. Anything cartoony especially Disney - as I've said before my son is my excuse for getting to watch cartoons!!

8 Favorite Fruit:
1. Apples
2. Strawberries
3. Bananas
4. Blueberries
5. Pears
6. Pineapple
7. Peaches
8. Grapes

8 places I would like to travel:
1. Anywhere with the ocean... (HINT HINT)
2. Spain - Basque Country
3. Alaska
4. East Coast (northern)
5. France
6. Italy
7. Disney Land
8. Victory, is that right? well in Canada

8 places I've lived:
1. Boise, ID
2. Nampa, ID
3. Howe, ID
4. Lovelock, NV
5. Jerome, ID
no more yet...

I don't even know 8 people to tag - so if this looks fun Do It!
Hugs, The Lady


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