Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jump! Jump! Jump!

The other day I was cleaning and I thought it would be nice to put Pauly in his little Jumper he got from his Auntie Roo and cousins Jacob and Joey. He loved it! He jumped for a long time so I thought I better capture the fun he was having in a few pictures so I sat down in the hallway ready to take pictures of him and Daphnie kept getting in my way - so I just would asking her to sit down and every time I said "Daphnie! SIT DOWN!" He just started laughing hysterically. It was so funny! He had so much fun jumping!

Pauly and Phoebe!

This is Pauly with his new girlly friend Phoebe. She is 4 months younger than Pauly and they love to hang out! (Well their mothers make them but anyways...) Isn't she precious :) Below also there is a picture of her and her mom - Heather. We met through Ben's work and we have bunches of fun together.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm 27!!!

I turned 27 on May 18th!!! So weird! It wasn't as dramatic as when I turned 25. (Don't worry Jode you'll be fine ... hahaha (evil laugh) Thanks to all of you for the cards and Birthday wishes and to my loving husband who slaved away the whole evening to get our front planters looking BEAUTIFUL! I love you all!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

93.1 KZMG Baby Idol

93.1 KZMG is doing a contest for all babies in the Treasure Valley who are 2 years of age and under called Baby Idol and yours truly "most adorable kid in the world" is there for your voting! Look for Pauly and please vote because HELLO! He is gorgeous and precious too! This is the picture I posted...
Look at those cheeks! Irresistible! If Pauly wins he could win diapers, a new car seat and lots of fun gifts from BabiesRUs! So go Vote! We are able to vote everyday, once a day until May 20th! Click here... ttp://
Love you all!!!


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