Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Super Cold!!!

As I said on my last post from yesterday. I am in Howe. I have no idea how cold it is right now but I know it is below zero. SO COLD! I guess I don't remember it being this cold when I was growing up here! I do remember though coming in from riding horses all evening and my legs trying to thaw out and being really itchy from all hives. I don't really understand why they get itchy with hives with they get cold. It sucks though! I remember horse troughs being completely froze solid as well as just the hydrants being froze so we could water at all and we would have to carry water. What a nightmare! Animals freezing to death...

thinking of that I wonder how Dapher did last night in this weather... I bet if she had a tail it would be froze off! Poor girl... maybe tomorrow we'll bring her onto the front porch - I'm sure she would prefer that. She is probably fine warm in one of the dog houses or in the haystack out back. Well maybe it is a good thing it is so cold because the reason I'm down here has got me pretty HOT!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tattle Tail

So... today I drove to Howe. I left around noon and had to do several errands before I finally left Boise. I got on the road around 12:30 and I was really close to Mountain Home when this little silver BMW convertible came ZOOOOMIN' past us! I caught that he was a 2c but didn't catch anything else. As I watch this little car get smaller and smaller so very very fast... I noticed that the car up ahead - that he was just about even with - put on her signal and moved into his lane as she was ready to pass a huge semi-truck. She must not of realized he was going like 100 mph... when suddenly it caught her eye that he was right on her tail and she jerked over to the right lane. She came very close to over correcting which would of sent us all into a huge life changing disaster. But thankfully... she didn't wreck and he kept on speeding on by the truck and soon he was out of sight.

Me being my law abiding safety obsessive self called 911 and reported his ass... I was so pissed off that he was disregarding all of our lives as if we mean nothing! Just so he could be cool in his speedy little sports car. I had to stop at Wal-mart so I'm not sure if they caught up to him but hopefully he didn't go on to kill change some one's life for the worst! What a jerk!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love Jesus but...

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is something that I look forward to everyday! This is something I found on another blog and I thought what a great idea. I did see it when it aired and I'm telling you right now this old lady is a hot mess! But, it is a great laugh for the day - I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face... I mean HILARIOUS! So get ready...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Mine...

This blog entry is to bring me some much needed peace with something that I get so worked up and stressed about - and that is timing. Timing is a hard thing! Probably one of the topics that brings me the most anxiety (if I let it). Timing is not up to us and we have no control over it. I like control (don't we all)! When we are anticipating something to happen - when we want it to happen - that "something" and the anxiety of it starts controlling our every thought and inevitably controlling our life. I was thinking... anxiety is most definitely a sin. It is literally sinning against God's timing and amazing planning. It is refusing to acknowledge his unfathomable and precious plan that always works out better than we can ever imagine.

So there are a few things on my mind right now that I am taking this motion to help me turn them over to God and in his timing those things will or may not happen. I just have to be patient and trusting in him and his plans for my life. Praying that his will be done and that he gives me the trust and patients to let his will be done. Hard to do!!!! but worth that moment when the plan will unfold before my eyes and I know it is most definitely better than I could have ever imaged and dreamed. It is his now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girls Day...

Yesterday I had a wonderful visit from the past! My friends from High School came over and their kids too! We had a wonderful time. Pauly had 3 extra kids around his age to play with and was just in heaven! It was so nice how us ladies could just start back up from where we left off 10+ years ago. I'm so blessed to have had them back in high school and to have them now is so precious. We had such a wonderful time laughing, visiting and watching our kids play that we decided to do it again next month. So once a month we will be getting together for lunch and a play date and change it between each other's homes. We all got reacquainted via face book - if you haven't looked into I encourage you to do so! It is a blast!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

100 things I love!

Since Valentines is creeping up on us - I thought I bet I can come up with a fun list of 100 things I heart!... So here it is in no particular order... well sort of in order but not really...

  1. Jesus
  2. My husband - He is loving, hard working, and Hot!
  3. My Son - you've seen him! He is precious!
  4. My Whole Family
  5. Dapher Doo (My dog she is a Cocker)
  6. Friends (We are so blessed to have so many wonderful, close friends!)
  7. Newborn Babies (human and animal :)
  8. Memories from Childhood (especially the ones that involve my sisters)
  9. Music (Christian, Country, Swing, Oldies, Hip Hop, Pop and Classical)
  10. Going to church (we have an amazing church family)
  11. Fashion, Design, and Creating
  12. Sunsets
  13. Watching Movies with my husband and eating popcorn
  14. Popcorn w/ Carmel ( My husband makes it for me)
  15. My husband's cooking!
  16. Listening to my husband sing and play the guitar!
  17. My mom/grandmas' cooking
  18. My home church in Howe
  19. Surprises!
  20. Playing tricks on people
  21. Sunsets
  22. Rainy Days
  23. Coffee
  24. Flip Flops
  25. Doing hair (especially little girls' hair! Always have!)
  26. All the old letters, china hutch, and such I have from my Grandma Great
  27. My house
  28. Watching my boy sleep
  29. Holding hands with my husband
  30. Holding Pauly while he sleeps
  31. Hugs and Kisses from my boy
  32. Talking to my nieces and nephews on the phone
  33. Chocolate
  34. Staying in hotels (they have to have a pool!)
  35. Smell of dirt and horse poop (BUT I hate to be dirty)
  36. The idea of loving to be dirty and being a green- thumb gardener type
  37. Memories of going trucking with both my dad, grandpa and uncle
  38. Fall
  39. Thanksgiving at Grandma Sally's
  40. Christmas in Howe at Mom's and Grandma Pattie's house
  41. Easter at Grandma Pattie's house
  42. Ice Tea w/ Lemon
  43. Venti Vanilla Chai Tea Latte
  44. Les Schwab - THEY ROCK!
  45. Target
  46. Ross
  47. Going through my Grandma Pattie's picture boxes
  48. Cooking
  49. Painting
  50. Picnics
  51. Taking Pauly to see his daddy at work
  52. Going to the Library with Pauly, Phoebe and Heather!
  53. My jeep!
  54. Getting a letter/package in the mail
  55. A room with good lighting, paint and decor (any page out of a Pottery Barn Magazine)
  56. Pottery Barn
  57. Land of Nod
  58. Our laptop
  59. The idea of having more children
  60. Flowers - Hydrangeas!
  61. Lilacs in the Spring
  62. Allergy medicine
  63. Red Wine (even though it breaks me out into hives)
  64. Eating Lamb
  65. Fresh cut grass
  66. Smell/Eating of BBQ in the summertime
  67. Traveling to go see family (especially with good music or Dr. Laura)
  68. Dr. Laura
  69. Disney Movies
  70. Sex and the City
  71. Craig's List
  72. Arco Advertiser Online
  73. Eating Breakfast out on a Saturday Morning with my boys
  74. Thrift store shopping
  75. Spending the day at Granny's
  76. Playing Nertz with Granny
  77. Listening to someone sing or play an instrument when they are really good (I get goosebumps)
  78. Alone time in the morning before the little monster wakes up
  79. The sound of the garbage truck taking our garbage away
  80. The Cosby Show
  81. Food Network
  82. Getting in bed at night when the house is clean and your bed was made with new sheets!
  83. Watching Basque Dancing!
  84. Downtown Boise in the summertime
  85. Shade of a tree on a hot day
  86. My dishwasher!
  87. My new oven!
  88. Cruiser Bikes especially if they have a basket on them!
  89. Bardenay
  90. Having a cocktail with my husband on date night at The Basque Center
  91. Earrings
  92. Extreme Makeover - Home Edition
  93. Handy Manny "Come on Tools!"
  94. Coloring with my son
  95. Candles
  96. Canning
  97. Homemaking
  98. Folding clothes! I HATE putting them away though!
  99. Bath and Body Works
  100. Etsy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Does wonders for the Soul...

Don't you have that certain song that your little heart just goes pitter-patter over as soon as it starts on the radio... You run over to the radio and turn it up... you close your eyes, smile and your hips begin to sway back and forth...

Well... I do happen to love the song on here Sway - which as we all know this song was first sang by the favorite, Dean Martin. On my play list it is sang by the one and only MICHAEL Buble. I capitalize MICHAEL because my mother keeps forgetting it is Michael and not Mark... She is so silly! (We had a few good laughs over that already)

Hope you enjoy the new music on my blog! I love it and it is compiled of some of my old and new favorites! My most favorite on this list is probably Held by Natalie Grant - it just gives me so much comfort knowing I'm always available to be held by my Lord, Savior and King of my life!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Our friend Sean Jones turned me on to the website I knew it would be something that could help us all right now with everything going on. The bear is my favorite! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The life of a son...

I've been struggling all night and most of yesterday after hearing about my friend Jenny (Reynolds) Angel. Jenny lost her oldest boy in a drowning accident this past weekend at Challis Hot Springs. My heart aches for her and her family. Jenny was recovering from a c-section as she had just given birth to their 4th child.

Thinking of the agony that she must be going through right now had me tossing and turning all night and up early. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family and I pray that she finds the right thing to cling to during this heartbreaking time.

I can't imagine having to endure this much emotional pain when trying to recover from having a baby. It, itself was a trying time for me. Being a mother makes me wonder - I know I would give my life for my son - with no hesitation. Would I give my life for some one's son? As Christ did for us? Or maybe turn it around - As God gave his son to save us from our sins... would you ever give yours? Not only just his son... but his only. I'm glad I didn't have to be the one to make that decision and I thank him for the life of his son daily.
May God comfort this family and may they know we all love them and are thinking of them in this mournful time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Potato Masher

As a stay-at-home I find there are even the tiniest things that humor me. My boy loves mashed potatoes (as does any kid...well actually he started out not liking them... something with the texture - but now he likes them).

Anyway, yesterday was grocery day and as I walked past the kitchen utensils I decided - today is the day! Today is the day that I will finally buy a Potato Masher! I was so excited about it! I usually mash potatoes with my beaters or just a fork. This will make life so much easier :)

Isn't it amazing the little things that amuse us!

Monday, January 19, 2009

up all night with the brady bunch

Last night, Ben and I were on our way to bed and as we always do every night, we turned on the television to go to sleep. It is his habit - not mine, but I've learned to deal. Last night, I found the Brady Bunch was playing for like 3 hours straight on tvland. Plus it was Season 1 from way back in 1970 so they were all tiny little ones. Ben and I instantly got hooked and stayed up for at least 2 hours watching this addictive sitcom featuring that family that stole the hearts of all over 30 years ago. Something we couldn't believe was how, back then, kids were very respectful to their parents and their decision making.

One of the episodes we watched was the boys and the girls were both collecting trading stamps from the local grocery store - you know the trading stamps that you collect so many than you take them in and get a prize. Well, Alice (the housekeeper) had a huge stash that they were all fighting over and they had to split them up fairly - well a wet dog and stamps don't mix! So they ended up deciding they would just put all the stamps back together and have a contest. So the contest was between the boys verses the girls. Whoever won the contest won all the stamps and they got to go and buy what they wanted. I believe the girls wanted a sewing machine and the boys wanted a row boat. The contest was building a house with playing cards. So one by one the Brady's built this house of cards and each child had to steadily place a card to keep building the house of cards. I turned out that the dog snuck up behind one of the boys and pushed him into the stack of cards and it toppled over. The boys of course thought this was an accident and there should be a do over but the parents had said everything counts before the game ever started, so the girls won the stamps. Of course they didn't come home with a sewing machine they came home with a colored television that everyone could enjoy.

Now, I understand it is just television but compared to the way that kids/parents act today towards one another it was baffling. Ben and I know we are not going to be perfect parents but The Brady Bunch show sure opens your eyes to the way certain issues should be handled in the household. The parents showed tons of love and it reflected in the way the children reacted back to their parents. Watch an episode or two soon and enjoy! Next... I'll see if he'll watch 'The Little House on the Prarie' :D!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My husband cooks...jealous?

This Sunday morning I'm feeling a little puny so my husband is cooking us a little Biscuits and Gravy for brunch. We were watching Paula Deen this morning, when he got the idea. I of course, was all for it. Ben is an amazing cook! Without hesitation I would go as far as to say he is definitely the best "man cook" I know and he is, without a doubt, a better cook than me!

Recently he recreated a Tamale Pie - it was delectable. He also makes to-die-for Toffee. I mean to die for!

One of my most favorite things is when he puts together his famous Salsa. His Salsa is Pico de gallo with all the delicious ingredients of tomatoes, lime, cilantro, onion, and sometimes he puts in others like black beans, cabbage or corn.

Another thing he has completely mastered lately is Pizza. He cooked us Pizza on New Year's Day! I think he ended up cooking like 7 pizzas with all different toppings. He makes the crust perfectly thin and crispy. What can I say he is the bomb Pizza Guy!

He can also cook a mean Steak and well... honestly just about anything else you have in mind. I'm very thankful that he can contribute this way and is happy to do it. Plus he isn't afraid to clean up after himself a little. What can I say - I heart him!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Monster...

Pauly is now sleeping in his crib with front rails off. He goes to bed pretty good and stays in there... well...okay.

I think I finally got all the material bought and rounded up to get his quilt started. I'm super excited and hopefully I'll have that posted within the next couple weeks. We'll see...

Below is also a picture of Ben and Paul together on the day we took the front rails off of his bed. He is such a big boy! Next - the bottle has to GO!

Friday, January 16, 2009

oh the smell

i love the smell of...
  1. My mom's house - it usually smells like something is in the oven, perfume, laundry softener and Scentsy candles all rolled into one. Delish!!!!!!!!
  2. Grandma Pattie's House in the Morning - most importantly you'll smell coffee (that is just a given - it's Grandma Pattie's house for goodness sake!), her home just has a comfy, crispy, percale sheet kind of smell - the house just smells of history. Also in the mornings Grandma always has some kind of mouth-watering breakfast meat cooking; which adds to the savory smells! Her basement has a great whiff too!
  3. Grandma Sally's House - I've told her this before and I'm not the only one that has picked up on this and it is very simple - Garlic, Georgio (Grandma's perfume), Listerine, Caress Soap... All of those combined is a smell that just makes my heart melt to think about it.
  4. Aunt Lyn's perfume - I love my Aunt Lyn and a very fun memory for me is when I went to Howe Elementary School- I literally could remember knowing when Aunt Lyn was in the building. I just could smell her. I don't even know what perfume she wears and I don't think it is the same perfume now as it was then... the lady just smells good!
  5. Aunt Louise's House on Laundry Day - my Aunt Louise uses something really abnormal in her laundry to keep her washing machine efficient and that is Pine Sol. So you know when you pull up outside a house and you can tell they are doing laundry because of steam coming out from the washer and dryer... Well, it smells like Pine Sol at Aunt Louise's house - and it is heavenly!
  6. Granny's House - there is something about Ben's mother's house. I don't even know what it is actually! I just know that she is the type of gal that grows her own herbs and makes her own, well... EVERYTHING! So it must be the combination of just wholesome food, lotions, and fun!
  7. Target - Everyone knows Target has it's own smell. It kind of smells like popcorn and fried food from the Food Court and new clothes. What could be better?
  8. New Car! - Yum! Everyone likes that new car smell!
  9. Glade Apple Cinnamon - It just smells good! Try it!
  10. Victorian Christmas Yankee Candle - Smells like Christmas, Cinnamon, Cookies and just plain ole deliciousness!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Picture Catch Up!

I know I am a little late in posting these pics - but hey better late than never!

Our Christmas was awesome and you may have already heard details I included in my poem that I wrote on the entry on my blog dated: December 30, 2008 - Anyhow here are the pictures from Christmas '08. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey Brown!
You're the cutest girl in town!
With your long blonde pretty hair,
Sweetest girl - they're very rare!
Bailey, Bailey, Bailey Brown!
Always happy, never frown!
The sun aglow upon your face,
One day, our lives, the Lord did grace.
A perfect baby girl - he did send,
Bailey, your precious to no end.
Sweetest smile you ever did see,
A laugh that will fill your heart with glee!
Good sister to your brother Birch.
You say your prayers and go to church.
You ride your horse and pet your cat.
Wear your coat, your gloves, your hat.
Plays and plays and skips and runs,
Helps her mama lots and tons!
She's the sweetest girl in town!
Oh that Bailey, Bailey Brown!
I love you to the moon it's true,
Sincerely Aunt Sam, I really do!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well I never!

This morning Pauly and I woke up, got dressed and headed into the kitchen to get some breakfast. I pored us both a bowl of Rice Krispies (or the like rice krispie because I got the non brand kind) cold cereal. Now... is it not all kids who would give a arm and a let for cold cereal and especially are totally in love with Rice Krispies? The snap, crackle, poppiness of it all! And really just the general loveliness of their tiny crunchiness. Well... he totally turned his nose up at it and took his hand and pushed the spoon away. I couldn't believe it! When us girls were little we would dream about eating my cold cereal just on a whim like this. My mom never bought cold cereal - we always ate hot cereal unless we ate it at Grandma and Grandpa's house or at a friend's house. I was thinking I was the coolest mom of the year when I was letting him eat cold cereal - period! Not him though! He would not have any of it. Me being the... I don't know... type of mom that won't have that (if you know what I mean) held down his arms and showed him just what he was missing. He did gag down about 3 to 4 spoonfuls, but scoop after scoop, into his mouth, he remained to keep that beautiful scowl about his face (the one thing that makes us look alike) and didn't chew, didn't swallow, then slowly I watched his little face formed into that recognizable warning to let all those around that there was going to be an explosion and.... HE SNEEZED! I've got to hand it to him though he clinched his little lips pretty tight and only a few krispies escaped from those little tightly clinched lips of his. He continued to not chew or swallow and he just held this stuff in his mouth until finally I told him - okay your done and slowly as he watched cartoons chewed up the now gooey, soggy stash. Gross huh! What a stinker!

Monday, January 12, 2009

So blessed!

There are two people in my life that just thinking about them brings me to tears of pride and joy! My sisters! We have such an amazing bond and we always have. I'm dedicating today's blog entry to these two amazing women in my life. They are such precious women because of all they do for their families, everything they put up with, and for everything they give up so that their little ones can have anything they want or need. They are hard working, honest, patient, and loving Christian Women.

It makes me be a better mom and wife just being able to talk to them everyday. I am so thankful to God for these girls and I am so thankful also to our parents for reiterating to us, as we were growing up, just how important we are to each other. Talking to them on the phone each day gives me inspiration for my day. So- To you my sweet sisters... know that I love you forever and I thank you for all your love and support you give me daily! And know that I am here for you - Always... to the moon, Sam

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm obsessed

Have you ever really thought about Peacocks as inspiration for your home decor? Well... I can't get over their beauty. What an expression of God's handy work! Their radiant colors of teal, green , purple, orange, and gold are a gorgeous display of vivid colors, textures and shapes to announce one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Ahhhh... takes my breath away. I think that in 2009 I'm going to paint some rooms in my house and I've been thinking a lot about colors I'm going to paint and certain room "themes" if you will. I'm contemplating on using these magnificent creatures as inspiration somewhere in my home.

As some of you may know I'm very particular about my Christmas tree as is my sisters, our mother and our mother's mother as for my father's mother and our aunts on both sides (so yes, we come from a long line of snobbery when it pertains to our Christmas trees ;) - In the Melton home during Christmas there will be no Hodge Podge Christmas Tree presented (with only one exception of my husband's candy canes that HAVE to be present - I do it because I love him :o). I know, I know, Hodge Podge is some people's absolute #1 choice and maybe someday I'll/we'll learn to appreciate that but for the years to come I suspect we'll have decorations on our tree that are of some type of relevance to our particular holiday design for that year. So look what I found girls! A Peacock Christmas Tree! Now wouldn't that be fabulous darling? Here are some other "Peacocktacular" decorating ideas I found online - Enjoy :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just us...

So my little boy is officially growing too fast. Ben and I were talking last night and we just can't believe how tall he is getting and how tuned in to what we are talking about. It is insane! TOOOO FAST! So this morning we were searching Craigslist thinking we should find him that Toddler Bed we had been talking about and we decided for a little while he could sleep in his crib with the outside bars off.

So we ventured into his room and it took us surprisingly like 10 minutes to figure out how to take the bars off. We knew we didn't need any tools it just was a matter of slipping it down or something. We we had to push it down and pushing two buttons and it came right off. It was pretty funny how easy it was... Anyways, we got off that outside rail and I made his bed and put all his adorable stuffed animals on it and called him in the room. We said "Come see your... of course as everyone says) 'Big Boy Bed'!" He thought that was pretty cool and climbed right in.

After we got him all set up we went out thrift store shopping. Ben bought a few books - (We'll see about the new idea that I have in mind called "Buy a book - Donate a book" - We just have a ton!) then we went to Bardenay for lunch. I was so proud of myself - I had a Caesar salad with chicken (I'm trying so hard!)

OH! OH! OH! OH! You should of seen the couple that we sat by. As we headed their way they were just kind of glaring at Pauly as if he was a insect that needed squashed. It was pretty hysterical watching them. They were sitting right almost on top of each other, sharing a bottle of red wine as they waited for their lunch - they were so tan they looked like an distressed leather Marc Jacobs Handbag - but not in a good way. She had a HUGE wedding ring and they just kind of reeked of that couple that were not into having kids... so okay it isn't their thing and we know Bardenay isn't really a perfect kid environment. But it isn't like it is a bar and there are NO Kids allowed - they have highchairs there so they are expecting kids! Anyway, during the whole lunch our little angel sat down, ate his lunch and was super quiet (except for the one time he hit his head on the corner of the table) saying please and thank you doing his signing and he was just so good! We came home from eating lunch and he slept in his bed for a nap without any problems. It rocked! We'll see how tonight goes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My baby boy needs a big boy bed ;(

I can't believe my tiny little yummy baby boy is going to need a big boy bed soon. The other morning I went in there to see two of his limbs sticking out of the bars because he is just BUSTING out at the seems in that crib! So on to a toddler bed I guess. I think I'll look on Criagslist to find one. I'm sure we can find something affordable and in good condition there.

For Christmas, Ben got me a rotary material cutter and a self-healing cutting board (Didn't he do a good job? I thought so!). I have decided to make Pauly a quilt - along with a pillow sham for his big boy bed. I think I'll make it really similar to this crazy Dr. Seuss quilt minus the Dr. Seuss character. It seems like that would be easy and still turn out really fun and colorful. This quilt is on found on Pottery Barn Kid's website

I'll keep you posted on my progress on the quilt. I'm super excited to get started! I have quite a few different kinds of material already and I think I only need one or two more from JoAnn's. It shouldn't take me long!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Did you ever?

Did you ever see someone in so much pain - maybe a loved one or maybe even a stranger, maybe it was an illness, a financial hardship or maybe even a family tragedy. And you wished that you could make things work out for them and fix everything, make things all better - so that the next morning when that person woke up it was all over and they could just breathe again and they could live their life as usual and not worry or stress.

These type of situations have been arising in my life with some of my loved ones- and I wish that there was some power I possessed so that I could fix their problems. Then of course the holy spirit chimes in and says - I'm here for them - all they have to do is ask. I'm not saying that bad things haven't happened to me and I know it is probably terrible for me to look at these situations and FINALLY realize how fortunate I am... but I do and it does help me to realize how blessed we are and just to realize that I don't have to worry about the stress of fixing these situations for these people... I don't even have to worry about fixing things in my life MYSELF - I just have to rely on Christ - He has all in his hands and he has a plan if we just listen.

Today Pauly was eating his lunch (the regular chicken breasts and green beans - Pauly is almost always eating chicken and some form of veggie. He is my Chicken and Veggie Machine :) We were rocking out to the radio, which is something we do daily! Anyways... a song came on KTSY called "Hope Now" By Addison Road. This song always bring me back - I Heart!

Lyrics to "Hope Now" by Addison Road -
If everything comes down to love
Then just what am I afraid of
When I call out Your name
Something inside awakes in my soul
How quickly I forget I'm Yours
I'm not my own
I've been carried by
You All my life
Everything rides on hope now
Everything rides on faith somehow
When the world has broken me down
Your love sets me free
When my life is like a storm
Rising waters all I want is the shore
You say I'll be ok and Make it through the rain
You are my shelter from the storm
Everything rides on hope now
You've become my hearts desire
I will sing Your praises higher
Cause Your love sets me free


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