Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well I never!

This morning Pauly and I woke up, got dressed and headed into the kitchen to get some breakfast. I pored us both a bowl of Rice Krispies (or the like rice krispie because I got the non brand kind) cold cereal. Now... is it not all kids who would give a arm and a let for cold cereal and especially are totally in love with Rice Krispies? The snap, crackle, poppiness of it all! And really just the general loveliness of their tiny crunchiness. Well... he totally turned his nose up at it and took his hand and pushed the spoon away. I couldn't believe it! When us girls were little we would dream about eating my cold cereal just on a whim like this. My mom never bought cold cereal - we always ate hot cereal unless we ate it at Grandma and Grandpa's house or at a friend's house. I was thinking I was the coolest mom of the year when I was letting him eat cold cereal - period! Not him though! He would not have any of it. Me being the... I don't know... type of mom that won't have that (if you know what I mean) held down his arms and showed him just what he was missing. He did gag down about 3 to 4 spoonfuls, but scoop after scoop, into his mouth, he remained to keep that beautiful scowl about his face (the one thing that makes us look alike) and didn't chew, didn't swallow, then slowly I watched his little face formed into that recognizable warning to let all those around that there was going to be an explosion and.... HE SNEEZED! I've got to hand it to him though he clinched his little lips pretty tight and only a few krispies escaped from those little tightly clinched lips of his. He continued to not chew or swallow and he just held this stuff in his mouth until finally I told him - okay your done and slowly as he watched cartoons chewed up the now gooey, soggy stash. Gross huh! What a stinker!

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