Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey Brown!
You're the cutest girl in town!
With your long blonde pretty hair,
Sweetest girl - they're very rare!
Bailey, Bailey, Bailey Brown!
Always happy, never frown!
The sun aglow upon your face,
One day, our lives, the Lord did grace.
A perfect baby girl - he did send,
Bailey, your precious to no end.
Sweetest smile you ever did see,
A laugh that will fill your heart with glee!
Good sister to your brother Birch.
You say your prayers and go to church.
You ride your horse and pet your cat.
Wear your coat, your gloves, your hat.
Plays and plays and skips and runs,
Helps her mama lots and tons!
She's the sweetest girl in town!
Oh that Bailey, Bailey Brown!
I love you to the moon it's true,
Sincerely Aunt Sam, I really do!


Ed and Clarissa said...

Sami, how sweet of you. Of course I have to agree with everything you said about Bailey and her wonderful mother.

Misty said...

Of course I don't know Bailey, but SOOOO cute! ADORABLE! She's a lucky girl to have such a lovely auntie!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sami,

You are such an awesome aunt, sister and daughter. I praise the Lord everytime I think of you. As for Miss Bailey Brown, she is my favorite 4 blond headed granddaughter.

mimi mom

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