Saturday, February 27, 2010

I want it all!

I know, I know, I just had a baby but for some reason it has been on my mind. Everywhere I look I'm getting reminded about having a girl someday. Tucked away in the back of my cupboard I have a box full of girlly hair things and in my sewing box I've been saving pretty ribbon I've run into to make pretty bows out of.

I'm pretty girlly and having a girl to dress up with and have a tea party sounds like my cup of tea...

Or we could put on our little aprons and be busy in the kitchen.

Sparkly shoes to tip toe around the house in... bliss

BUT in the meanwhile I am happy enjoying my little boys of blue

Friday, February 26, 2010

Classic CowgirlBling

I won a contest!

Right before Valentines Day this little gal on Facebook was asking everyone to share their engagement story with her. After everyone submitted their engagement story to her she picked one of her most favorites. & Our's won! Yippee! and this is what she sent me for being the contest winner! She is super creative with her designs and I was really excited by the quality!

Her info:

Mobile Number: 1-406-396-5482

Our Engagement Story:

I was totally excited! My boyfriend let me pick the Valentine's Date - I knew that Cinderella Ballet was on at BSU so that was it! It was Valentines 2004 - I spent that whole day getting nails done (then right next door to the nail salon) was my hair due gal... I went in there just wanted a little trim and then I wanted her to give me prom hair (as I had bought a new black velvet dress, high heels jewelry OH YEAH! the works! So! Got my nails done and went over to get my hair done and then I was to go back over and get my pedi WELL the gal totally cut my hair TOO short and I was trying to grow it out - I was just getting excited about how I was being so good about NOT Cutting it! BUT that lady totally ruined it! I totally lied and got myself out of there - the second I left I started bawling only to go to the restroom in the nail salon to call my mom and bawl to her... (little did I know they had just hung up with my boyfriend who had asked them for my hand in marriage) Mom put me back together (with a little bit of encouragement from all the cute little Korean man and ladies in the Nail Salon - Then off we went! The ballet was awesome, then we got back to the car and he took me to every spot that "meant" something to us... where we met, where we each lived when we met, our first date, then he took me to an old apartment that I had when we were dating and next door to that was this old lutheran church (which I told him one day I wanted to be married in because it was BEAUUUTIFUL! Anyhow, we get out of the car and need less to say he asked me on the steps of that church and taduh married 5 years with 2 little boys. Love of my life, best friend, and if you would of asked me 10 years ago to pick the guy out in a line that God had for me to marry in September 2004 I could never of done. The Lord works in mysterious ways. The end ♥

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"just happened to"

The refinance has gone through on our house! Both the lady who helped us at the bank and the lady at the title company kept saying things like, I haven't seen anything like this go through for a long time or we haven't done one of these yet. I just kept smiling bigger and bigger in my heart because I knew my God is mighty and he had his hand in this the whole time. We've been praying about this for about a year/ year and a half - trying to figure out where we are supposed to be or what God wanted us to do. See we made a really bad decision and got a 5 year ARM on the home we are living in and we had about a year and a half left before the payment would adjust a few hundred dollars more than our current payment - which would inevitably put us back at home living with Mimi and Papa :). Totally not possible! So when a co-worker of Ben's mentioned a lady for Ben to call and see if she could help us with our refinance we jumped on the opportunity. Well... she "just happened to" work for the lender of our mortgage. Ben called her on our way out of town during Christmas and met with her the week we got back. Then we found out she "just happened" to have a friend who worked at the bank that held our 2nd mortgage. Our loan was the first to go through that any of these bankers had done and I don't know the technical stuff but something "just happened to" recently change with some mortgage rules and regulations that freed up the process a little so our loan could go through. So, now instead of a nasty 5 year arm we are the proud owners of a traditional loan. We will now be paying ourselves rent instead of the bank!!

It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A typical day in my shoes...

Thought: "Was that William... Guess it is time to get up and nurse) ....-Sit up and look at the clock - 1:00 ish a.m. - Man does this kid have his own alarm hidden in his crib?"

nurse William

back to sleep

Thought: "Man! I wish he would sleep longer, maybe I should start him on rice cereal" - 5 a.m.ish

nurse William

back to sleep - have to close our door this time because if Daphnie (the dog) wakes up before Pauly she'll be super loud and practically bark at Pauly under his door till he wakes up (She knows if Pauly wakes up, I have to... and if I wake up I will feed her. She's a stinker.)

7:30 a.m.ish "Knock, knock, knock! coming from Pauly's door... He knocks before he opens the door, I guess it is just habit from when he couldn't open the door and I had to come and get him... He opens the door and swings it open slamming it against the wall...

I jump out of bed to receive him and keep him from being any more loud so he doesn't wake up William.

I change Paul's diaper

We put Daphnie out to go to the bathroom

Daphnie comes in and then Paul feeds her... "Enough? Mom?" He asks me as he fills the cup with dog food. He usually ends up dumping it all over the floor because she either trips him or he trips himself BUT I tell him not to worry because she'll eat it.

We let her back outside to do #2 (See she only does #1 and she refuses to do anything more until after she has ate) Stinker I tell ya...

I make Pauly and I breakfast and my coffee... delish!

Sometimes, I have to clean the kitchen before that begins but most times I have the dishwasher full of clean dishes and the kitchen is tidy. I love a tidy kitchen.

Then, Paul sits on his booster chair at the table and I turn on the television to watch the Today show and I set up my computer at my chair in the living room to check emails and do some blogging and face book stuff :)

I sit in my chair and drink coffee and eat my breakfast and blog away. This is one of my favorite times of the day... I love peaking back to see what kind of silliness Pauly is doing by himself - a lot of times he just eats and we just visit. It's wonderful.

During this time Daddy has woke up and made his way through getting dressed for work, breakfast and is out the door.

By this time usually William is awake and I take care of him then go change his clothes for the day and get Pauly dressed at this time as well as dressing myself.

Pauly usually wants to watch Sesame Street and I putter around changing bedding, folding clothes, doing regular housework.

Most days, we stay home - I'm a real home body but if we do leave it is at this time to go do grocery shopping or go to the park to play. Thought: "Maybe I should go get some rice cereal - Do we need milk?"

Then lunch. We usually have a sandwich either grilled cheese with tomato soup or tuna/chicken salad with green beans or just something like that. At this time, I also decide what we are having for dinner and make sure the meat is set out if it needs to thaw. Dinner: Chicken Breasts, Rice and Broccoli - Pauly's favorite! He loves broccoli!

Nap time. Paul lays down from about 1 to 3 and this is about the time that William wakes up and we do our thing while Pauly naps. Sometimes we all get to nap at the same time but for some reason we are all off on our timing and that hasn't happened for a while. Needless to say, I've been going without a nap - BOOO HOOO!

Then we wake up and either go play outside or Pauly wants to watch a movie and have a snack. After his nap, he is usually quite grumpy so I have to hold him a second and he decides what he wants to do... Usually he'll say Russell (which means Up) and I'll go to get that and he'll say Liming Naqueen (Lightening McQueen from Cars) and I'll grab that, then he'll switch back to Russell - this will go on forever if I don't just pick one and it OF COURSE is the WRONG one that he "doesn't" want and he gets upset and then once the previews come on he's cool. He is so grump after naps. While he does this I clean up and start dinner. Usually William is in his bouncy chair playing or on the floor (he rolled over the other day from his stomach to his back!)

Daddy gets home just before dinner (most days - but lately we haven't seen him much, he's been working a lot!)

Then during dinner we watch Jeopardy (Ben's favorite) and Wheel of Fortune (Pauly's favorite!).

After that William usually goes down for a little nap and I paint or do play-do with Pauly or play the Memory Game - our favorite!

Then Pauly's tub time and one of us are usually sitting in there monitoring him and making sure he isn't drinking too much water - he loves to drink bath water... nerd! Then William wakes up to play for a little while.

Pauly usually goes to sleep about 8:30 9ish and that is when I breathe a deep sigh of relief and think, Awesome! I made it! I made it through another day with that 2 year old boy - Wow!

William gets his bath about this time and goes to bed at 10 or 11 - just differs, last night it was 9! It rocked! He was so tuckered out from skipping naps through yesterday between running errands and my Mama's Group.

Then Daddy and I watch a movie. "Something we both would like!" (inside joke) -

Last night I watched a little bit of Fletch with Chevy Chase, that movie is hilarious - I usually get through about 1/2 hour to 45 min. of the movie and I say, Don't be mad at me, I'm going to bed, Sorry. He never is mad - he knows it is coming just about every night. I've got to have my beauty sleep - I NEED A LOT OF IT :)!!! I usually get to sleep around 11:30 or sometimes sooner....

and then round and round it goes. I love it! & too bad I couldn't wear those sparkly shoes through the day, I think those would make me super happy every day! Aren't they fabulous?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So blessed for her... and her...

As I watch my 3 1/2 month old son watch his 2 year old brother closely. I am amazed by how he is already so in love with his big brother! He just can't get enough of Paul - he loves him already and Paul has probably said under 50 words to him. William already HAS to be sitting where he can be watching what Paul is up to and watches ever intently!!
I remember when I was little my mom would tell me how much my sisters adored me and loved me as I was the oldest. I thought she was full of it and just driving me crazy trying to get me to like my sisters - which I did love them I just didn't like them that much. We fought a lot and someone was ALWAYS getting left out. It wasn't a certain person more than the others it just depended on what was going on. Sometimes Casi (the youngest) and I would gang up on Jodi but then again sometimes Jodi (the middle) and Casi wanted to do things that were "Far too immature" for me to do (like ride the horses out in the pasture bareback wearing their play dresses and garby play hats) I wasn't going to do that I was too mature! No Way Jose -too embarrassing!....

I now realize what mom was talking about, I know Pauly loves William already and William sure adores Pauly. It's awesome the love between siblings sometimes and I am so thankful these boys have eahother.

I don't know what I would do without these girls - I call both of them (including my mother) every day pretty much. We always consult each other on new hair styles, redecorating ideas for our homes, and disciplining our children and so on. So thankful for you two! I love you Jodi and Casi!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today I think of you my sweet and my heart aches.

Today I remember your beautifully aged worn hands and your soft gentle touch.

I remember your sweet voice of encouragement and love and how you said my name.

The unforgettable smell of you - old material, clean clothes and baked goods.
Today I remember you my lovely.

I'll love you forever Grandma Great...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


William getting some Love from cousin Macartie Rae...
Love this!
& this!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I stole this...

I stole this idea from this gal. She rocks! She is hilarious and on Mondays she does this bit about things she "didn't" do. It's hysterical - in just about every post she has me laughing out loud!
She did a post about all the blogs or websites she visits daily and why she visits them. I thought this was a genius idea and wanted to share my favorites!

So here we go:

I smile as soon as I see this gal's header. Her blog is beautiful and she is amazing. I love it how she uses her every day experiences and finds heaven sent encouragement. She's a amazing and boy! is she handy! Right now she is starting her own line of baby and crib linens. SOON TO COME! You'll love her.

Then I skip over to this one - for some much needed Cottage Seaspiration! This gal takes dumpster diving to a whole other level! This Aussie gal is fabulous!

I LOVE visiting the adoreable and incredibly talented Mr. and Mrs. Lettered Cottage who always brighten my day with their home renovations, design consultation ideas and guest my nest.

Ashely Ann Photography blog is inspirational, and who doesn't love pretty pictures? She's amazing, so creative with not only her pictures but also her craft projects and home decor. She is a delight!

This Thrifty Decor Chick is super smart and I just can't believe what she comes up with sometimes!

Sherelle's pictures make me laugh and cry. She makes me homesick and all the pics of her and her kids and the farm.... heavenly!

These of course are only a handful of the many adoreable blogs I love! Because I'm telling you these ladies are amazing! and they truly make my day! & I hope you enjoy them too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dashing through the snow with Papa in a Cider-pullin' sled...

Two adorable kids waiting for Papa to get the horse ready for some sledding!
Getting in some hug time with Mimi while they wait...

Macartie Rae

Pauly Boy

Aunt Cece and her boyfriend

Papa rode the rough off his bronc, Cider- She is ready to pull the sled now...

Up and down the lane they went...
Daphnie was right there by her boy...
Then Papa took them through the deep snow and... Dump! but they were laughing and so were we!!!

Daphnie would follow them down to the end of the lane and then RUN her fastest back down... it was hysterical!
After sledding it was time for a nice warm tub time in Mimi's tub...

And William got in his Mimi time...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heading to Mimi and Papa's House

To: Mimi and Papa
Here we come! ... we'll be there in about 6 or 7 hours :)
xoxo: Paul and Billy
pic from

To: Daddy
We love you and we will miss you.
Love: Your Boys

To: My Valentine
Thanks for being mine. Hope you get some much needed rest while we are gone! xoxo
Love: Your Wifey

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Map it out!!

Plates! Everyone likes plates! Don't they?

I just love this kid's room and that sconce... sigh.
found here: Susan on DesignWhat a fun chair!

I love this wallpaper so colorful and fun!
found here: Stanfords

Steven Gambrel maps wallpaper - Yes please.

found here: House Beautiful This is perfect. That frame, he told me he wants me, he loves me, he needs me!
found here: Better Homes and Gardens
I bought coasters when I bought my new dining table thinking, yes! I'll be responsible and make people use coasters... SHA right! Maybe these would of worked better...

found here: Martha StewartThis is WAY modern BUT this wall mural - simply divine.

found here: flickr [user: kbreenbo.] Painter, Sean Scherer renovated this 1840s farmhouse in upstate New York.
Picture from here: New York Times
This gal reno this armoire and Go! Peacock Feathers lady!
found here: Peacock FeathersLet's just say I have a "thing" for Pottery Barn... and when did these people steal my basket?found here: Pottery Barn

♥ heart to heart ♥ garland

Monday, February 8, 2010

At least it wasn't a total bust...

Yesterday, we got up early, made it to church with everyone dressed and put together. Church was good - our message was mainly about recognizing God's love. (John 3:16) Realizing that he gave his only born son for us... It just boggles my mind when I think about that. Love is such a simple word and yet, so deep and complex. Amazing love, how can it be?

After church, we went out of town about a half hour to Granny and Grandad's (Ben's mother and step dad) We stepped in the house to be greeted with an amazing spread of appetizers and the delicious smell of Granny's pork roast finishing up in the oven. I had brought a few appetizers to add to hers and also my fabulous roasted butternut squash. I had roasted it the night before and took all the meat out of the skins so all we had to do was warm it up in a casserole dish.

Dinner was divine! I ate tooo much! After lunch, I took a few pics of the boys before and during nap time.

Watching the Super Bowl game stunk for sure! I'm pretty sure my mouth was dropped open in disbelief for the majority of the game. But at least we got in a lot of family time and played some cards. It was wonderful.


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