Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~ blimpie at its best ~

limpie, is by far my most
favorite deli sandwich place.
Its yummy and I have fond
memories of eating Blimpie
with a girlfriend of mine. It's

oh SO good.

Sometimes I feel guilty for buying Blimpie as I usually like to try and buy local vs.
buying from a national franchise but that soon passes when
I remember how tasty it is :)
On this particular day, the boys and I first went to the library for story time
and to check-out some books.

The boys are super good at the library and are always so willing to help me carry books
and get them checked out with the do-it-yourself check-out stations that our
library has.
After the library, I grabbed our sandwiches and some waters and chips
from a Stinker Station and off we headed to our favorite park.

As soon as we got there the inevitable happened, Pauly had to go potty.

Of course he did! I had just got our blanket lay down and all our sandwiches out
and everyone is good to go - but Pauly has to pee! Man!

So I wrapped everything back up and hide our library books under the picnic
blanket - I was kind of freaked out because the second we sat down up drove up
4 big orange school buses full of huge children. (Actually they were regular sized children but quite huge compared to my wee ones.)

So off we went to the bathroom and we got back, got sat down and ate our lunch.

It was quite yummy and the boys were so hungry!
I really don't know what Pauly is doing here but if I remember right,
I think he was looking for the "hole where the squirrels live".

Next I forced both of them to take a picture with me -
cuz I'm the mama and I gets what I want! Lol! I kid. I kid.

Good Heavens-ta-Betsy! I didn't realize Pauly is holding up THAT finger.
Oh well, y'all know he doesn't mean anything bad by it. Lol!
With all the kids there I was too nervous to let the kids play on the toys... I mean -
they were HUGE and EVERYWHERE.

So after lunch we looked through our library books and then went home to nap.
I try and do something like this once a week - weather permitting.
My boys love it!

Monday, September 12, 2011

~ surprised by 2 ~

had an amazing weekend. My
weekend started Friday night
with an awesome concert put
on at my church. It was kicked
off by some awesome worship

and I don't know about you but that is always good for this girl's soul.

Paula Dunn, was the special speaker and she is a great singer - so Friday night,
she shared a little with us but mostly she sang for us. Then on Saturday, she
sang for us as well as brought us an amazing message.

I will be sharing more about her message in the days to come this week but for now,
I have to tell you about the other part of my weekend.

Saturday night, after I got home from listening to Paula speak -
my sister and her friend, Brian made us dinner.

It. Was. Amazing!

Here are some pics of the two of them working their magic in the kitchen.

It was very sweet to watch their excitement for serving us
 It was all a big secret and they wouldn't tell us what they were making and
for the most part they did their best to keep us out of the kitchen and to keep it all a surprise!
 I'm sure you all can relate to how nice it was not to have to worry about dinner
that night and to be served something super special.

It was so thoughtful and so very sweet.
 I just love this picture of these pictures of the two of them working together in the kitchen.
They both really like to cook and try new food.
 The magic moment when the ribs came out of the oven!
He was so proud...
and rightly so!

They were delish!

All of it was amazing!
 They made us BBQ Beef Ribs, Loaded Mash Potatoes, Cilantro Lime Rice,
and an awesome Green Salad.
 For dessert, Casi made Strawberry Shortcakes with Cinnamon Sprinkled over Pineapple.
It was divine!
Thank you, you two!
It was so nice of you to work so hard to make it so nice for us.

Have you surprised a loved one recently?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

~ screws lose ~

This is my sister. It was 100
degrees outside this day and
she got home from work, filed
her way downstairs, changed

her clothes out of her work clothes,
and then the knucklehead put on a sweater.

She said that it was because the air conditioner was cold but if I don't put the
air conditioner on she gets in a heat crazed fluster.

I tried to ask her what her ideal temp is and honestly,
I don't think she has one.
She's a nut.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~ quatro ~

es, my little boy turned 4
years old. It amazes me how
time flies by. I remember the
day he was born, I didn't think
I was ever going to get to hold

that little man in my arms.

All my family had been in and out of the hospital waiting for almost 3 whole days
when Paul finally made his presence through an emergency c-section.

Going back and reading the actual blog post I posted about his coming home
brought a tear to my eye.

Now, he's huge!
And now I have another spitfire little brother to match!

My cup runneth over.

Here are some pictures from his little party we had at the park.

Friday, September 2, 2011

~ bigger still ~

here is nothing bigger
that God aint bigger still.
~ my mama ♥

This is something my mama would always tell me and still does to this day. Last Saturday, I was rushed again to the ER for severe abdomen pain. For those who don't know – I was there about a month ago and at that time, we found out I was pregnant but couldn't figure out why I was having such terrible pain but we did know that it was a threatened miscarriage. This time they found that I had a ruptured tubal pregnancy and I had to have laproscopic surgery to remove it. I have had about a month to mourn yet another loss (as I had a miscarriage in April) – it still stings BUT I know God is ALWAYS in control and He knows what is best for me. As I always tell myself – He's got this. and by just saying that - it relieves myself from having to worry and stress about why it happened, when and if I'll have another baby, and so on. I encourage you all today to remember just how BIG our God is and how much he loves you and knows what is instore for you down the road and often, what's instore is far sweeter than anything our little brains can – ever – fathom. ♥


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