Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Very Melton Christmas and Happy New Year!

'Twas a beautiful Christmas in the Melton household,
Twinkly lights on the Christmas Tree - "Don't touch!" mama did scold.
The stockings were hung by mama with care,
Filled with surprises and sweet treats - "Don't peak - don't you dare!"
Granny, Grandad and Uncle Ben were nestled all snug in their beds,
While Pauly was dreaming and comfy in his new threads.
And daddy with his nose in a book,
Little mama observing, taking one last peering look,
Gifts graced the bottom of the tree all a scatter,
While snowflakes were falling outside - to the ground they did flatter,
A great feast was planned for tomorrow's big bash,
There will be pies, ham with yummy potatoes ala mash,
All woke Christmas morning with happy good cheer,
Beautiful gifts for all! So shed not a tear,
Time to call Mimi and Papa and thank them for all,
Sisters, Grandmas and Grandpas we made sure to call.
The next few days we waited and paced,
Finally the door bell rang to the back door we raced,
The Southards had arrived to help bring in the New Year,
We're so thankful to have our beautiful family here,
Playing games, taking pictures and staying up late,
laughing and crying and taking note of 2008.
Here comes the New Year - Can you believe it's '09?
Tacos for everyone! All night we shall dine!
God bless all that we love here and a far
We love you more than the moon and the counts of the star!

Monday, December 22, 2008

an update of sorts...

Well as always I have a lot of catching up to do! So frustrated with this
darn computer situation. So still the same our computer needs fixed and
the one we borrowed does not let me work on my blog :( So sad!
Because I totally am raring to work on this darn thing and
can't even change my background of anything... and this doesn't
have anything to do with my blog but someone stole my bike!
JERKS! I'm so bummed out! I loved my bike!
No... I hadn't rode it in years but whatever.
JERKS! I think Pauly and I will go for a drive and go look for it...
Someone has it around here I bet. Someone who was walking by
and saw we just keep stuff under our little carport
(No where else to put it!) GOD please send me a garage with my
beautiful green cruiser bike with the precious little basket my
husband bought me for Christmas! Really I've been a good girl!!

Well I haven't updated since just after Halloween!
Well Thanksgiving was awesome! Everyone came!
I felt so spoiled to have both of my sissies at my house
with all my
nieces and nephew and Mimi and Papa... okay okay my
brother-in-laws too! :) We had Thanksgiving dinner at
Aunt Louise's and Uncle Brad's and it was awesome because
Amuma and Papa came from Nevada we're so spoiled!!
We had a great time playing card games and such.


So now Christmas time is here and I am loving it!
My boy is so adorable walking around... swinging his arms
while he walks because he is just that cool!
He is so precious and I love him so! right now he is
tugging at my shirt and crying so I better close.
I'll write again soon after Christmas and give that
update and hopefully we'll figure out this computer stuff...
Christmas from the Meltons!


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