Monday, December 17, 2007

They are precious in his sight!

Daphnie loves Pauly she always likes to sit by him and lick his face ... Yummy!

Pauly got a visit from the Boothby girls and I captured some amazing pictures of them. Aren't they adorable! Good kids!

The other morning we were all sitting around reading the Idaho Statesman and drinking coffee and Pauly kept whining and whining --- he was bored... so I handed him a piece of the newspaper and he acted like he was reading it and looked at it - holding it on both sides like we were- it was the funniest thing ever! He was so serious... He's so gifted...

Pauly meets Olentzero!

Sunday, December 9th we had a wonderful day! We got to watch Anastasie play her pandareta (basque for tambourine) with the Txantxangorriak . She also danced with the Oinkari Basque Dancers as we all cheered her on!

Pauly loved it and so did we!

Next we all trailed down to the Basque Center where we heard there was going to be a special visitor!

Olentzero (the Basque Santa Claus) was there and was handing out gifts! Paul was the first one to get a gift and everyone couldn't resist ooohen' and awhen' at the baby. Daddy took him up to meet Olentzero for the first time while mama captured the moment.
Pauly got a stuffed moose and he named him Gerard Aye (the moose is Canadian see - dad named him :)

Santa Claus is coming to town...

I just couldn't wait this year to put up our tree so the first spare minute Ben had he brought me home the most beautiful Christmas Tree he could find and I got it decorated as I wanted Pauly to enjoy it as much as he possibly could this being his first Christmas!

I hung our stockings that Amuma made us. She did such a good job and I love them!

Thanksgiving 2007 at the Browns'!

We all had a wonderful time this Thanksgiving hosted by the Brown family. We all packed up and went to Bellevue to enjoy a one-of-a-kind country Thanksgiving. We enjoyed many yummy pies brought by Aunt Louise and ate one too many crepes requested by yours truly, Anastasie Echeverria. It was wonderful to see Grandma Sally (Amuma to some of us) and Papa Paul with also a wonderful surprise visit by our own Monty Dean Echeverria! We love him so! BUT we sure missed Marti, Cassie and the Montes clan as Thanksgiving never is the same unless we are ALL together!

Through a lot of stress about if the turkey will fit in the roaster pan and worrying about if we have enough chicken or not Jodi cooked an awesome Thanksgiving Dinner and in addition to that many other yummy meals!

The men enjoyed poker and cigars (sponsored by Dave "the new guy") out in the wall tent Uncle Brad brought and attempted the ultimate goal had by dad's son-in-laws to defeat ole pa. Which is entertaining in itself! Dad - you definitely have them all bluffed if you ask me. We would all trail out to see them and found ourselves hacking and coughing just trying to get through the first stun of cigar smoke. Eyes watering and throats stinging it was all good fun watching the men take it the game so seriously... They played every night out there till 1 or 2 a.m. for at least 3 nights straight.

Us ladies enjoyed a few trips to town to enjoy the fun shopping that the Wood River Valley had to offer. Grandma Sally treated us to a little tour of Haley's quilt shop and Jodi and I picked out some material to make blankets for our kids for Christmas. Then off we went for coffee at Zaney's and then back home only to jump back in the car with mom as she was finally let off of kid duty and I had a special store I just had to show her! We found many treasures.

Aunt Louise, Anastasie and Grandma took some walks to the barn only to find themselves having to run back down the lane to escape from the kittens following them home.

Mimi and Papa had a good time keeping track of all the grand kids only to stop every minute or two to us all complaining and expressing how much we missed ole Carti Rae, Caser and Tenny too!

We got a fun surprise visit from Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Bill on Thanksgiving Day and I captured a great picture that I will treasure forever!

We had a wonderful time this year and on be half I'm sure all of us we just want to say Thank You again to Jodi and Brian for their wonderful hospitality! You were amazing hosts!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

You have the mommy haircut!

Can you believe it girls? We are moms! Damn good ones if you ask me - must of been the training we had growing up. Remember how mom taught us to take care of babies by first tending our dollies and kittens too. We'd dress them up in dolly clothes and make sure they got their food and nap times (except for Jodi - who would just get a little too carried away with those kittens :)

I am so proud of us and I know we will continue to encourage each other and support one another! I couldn't have made it this far with out you two and you too ma - so just know that I'm here for you and I appreciate what you have done for me! We are so blessed to be this close, I can't imagine life without my girls. I love you to the moon...


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