Monday, December 17, 2007

Pauly meets Olentzero!

Sunday, December 9th we had a wonderful day! We got to watch Anastasie play her pandareta (basque for tambourine) with the Txantxangorriak . She also danced with the Oinkari Basque Dancers as we all cheered her on!

Pauly loved it and so did we!

Next we all trailed down to the Basque Center where we heard there was going to be a special visitor!

Olentzero (the Basque Santa Claus) was there and was handing out gifts! Paul was the first one to get a gift and everyone couldn't resist ooohen' and awhen' at the baby. Daddy took him up to meet Olentzero for the first time while mama captured the moment.
Pauly got a stuffed moose and he named him Gerard Aye (the moose is Canadian see - dad named him :)

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