Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turning 2!!

Well... a week from now my little boy is turning 2 - I just can't believe how time has totally flown by! He is such a good boy and I know he is going to be a wonderful big brother! He is very busy and loves to go outside where he very much enjoys eating mud, playing in the sprinkler/water, run with Daphnie when she is chasing her ball that daddy throws (dad is quite often trying to aim for the top of Paul's head with the ball or see if he can cause a huge wreck between Dapher and Pauly - he is pretty successful!! Mean ole pa!), and he especially loves to "help" his daddy in the garden aka pick as many tomatoes, green peppers, etc. as he can get away with before daddy catches him. During the day while daddy is at work we run errands, get groceries, go to the park, color pictures, watch movies and he has been very helpful lately with laundry. I just give him a basket and I tell him to go put his dirty clothes from his basket into the basket I'm giving him and he does it! It rocks! I haven't really ever had too much trouble with him going to sleep at night (Thank you Jesus!) and when it comes around to bedtime - he pretty much tells me he is ready and we file into his bedroom, put his pjs on him and pray and give kisses and he is out! It is amazing! (Wonder if Dos will do the same?) Pauly is a pretty easy going kid so it does make me wonder what I'm in store for with Mr. Dos. Here is a picture Ben took of us at a Rugby game during the spring - I love it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

29 weeks!

I'm 29 weeks today - So excited but a little anxious. If I have a c-section which I'm guessing I probably will my Dr. said they usually take the baby 2 weeks early so I'll have this kid in about 9 weeks.... eeeek! We'll see what is supposed to happen I guess. I ordered a coming home outfit and it came yesterday - this is it. It has a little lighthouse, whale and boat on the shirt. Very similar to the type of style our little man's outfit looked like.

I have a list a mile long to still work on and I need to make the hubby his list. But for the most part, because I already have all my boy clothes and baby stuff already as this is #2 (Dos) I'm just filling in the blanks. Putting the two boys in one room is going to more interesting and challenging than I thought but we'll just take it day by day.

To add to my anxiety my little man is turning 2 soon... Man! I can't believe it - he is quite the little man and such a snuggler lately. He has been sick with the stomach flu for the past 3 days or so... I'm doing my best not to get sick - hopefully I am successful!

All my doctor appointments have been really smooth and I'm so thankful my blood pressure isn't up like last time! Dos is rocking and rolling and growing!! Toodles for now, The Lady

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snuggle Bug!

So my little Pauly sure is being a snuggle bug lately. He would always give me a kiss and hug if I asked him but now about 20 minutes before bedtime he wants to climb up on my lap (what lap?) and snuggle. I hold him like a little baby and pat his back and kiss his face... He is really lovin' the snuggling time - he must know some way or other that things are going to be changin' up a little here real soon! Little stinker.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a mess!

I am a huge cartoon watcher and yes it is mostly Disney - from Winnie the Pooh to Beauty and the Beast, Old Yeller and my ultimate favorite Cinderella - having my first son gave me a really fabulous reason to get away with watching cartoons. I'm addicted!!! Even when I was pregnant with little man I would tell my husband that the reason I was already watching the Disney channel was because I was "previewing" the shows to make sure they are okay for our little man to watch or not. I'm pretty picky and won't even let him watch some little shows because of the speech impediments they give some of the characters not to mention the snappy back talkin' characters that are on the majority of shows lately.

On the Disney channel I let him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog - sorry I had to throw that in :), My friends Tigger and Pooh, and Handy Manny (w/ some other exceptions) There is NO Sponge Bob allowed in the house, and none of those Tweeny/Tenny Bopper Movies (THEY ARE SO MOUTHY!) A lot of the shows that are on are SO Inappropriate! ALSO have you ever noticed how many characters have speech impediments? (Tigger and piglets are terrible! but they fall into my exception category) The little Wonder Pets on Nickelodeon are terribly cute and adorable and they are a speech impediment nightmare! Why is it so important to make a character talk funny to make them interesting?

Now, I am not saying that speech impediments are a bad thing, I totally understand that some and probably most kids (at one time or another) have the unfortunate struggle of having to work through speech problems. BUT I just don't want my kid (s) learning them on television.

The other HUGE problem I have with most movies for kids involves one or more of the following: smoking, drinking (to drunkenness), or just mouthy kids. Even on Dumbo - they get drunk! Alice in Wonderland - the caterpillar was smoking! Beauty and the Beast - Gaston and his sidekick are drinking in the pub ---------- it just does not end! I've noticed this a while ago and it was when I was quite young (like freshman in high school) and I thought then I should write a letter to someone about this. Although I never did, NOW having my own kid (s) I feel like I really should do something about it! Can't "the kid these days" enjoy movies and still find them interesting without these things... Is it just way too much to ask? Or are they so used to it that flicks just aren't interesting to them anymore without kids talking back to their parents and cartoon characters throwing back a shot or two?

My husband and I have decided to discontinue our Dish Network (which I'm totally proud of us! Go Team!)... We have not been watching near as much television and when there is "nothing" on we turn the t.v. off and read books and play outside or something. Weekly, I consider living without television as a whole BUT then I think about Monday Night Football and I remember that it is on Dish (not on regular television anymore :( and I'm not sure if I can handle October and November (being pregnant and WITHOUT my football!!) so we'll see how long no Dish Network lasts and we honestly just aren't the type of people to go without t.v. as a whole - hopefully we are working toward a happy medium in our household. What is your opinion? Any thoughts?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hidey Ho and link to a Fabulous Giveaway!

Fabulous Giveaway Link to Peanut Petunia - it is a cute little blog and I found her blog through one of my most favorite blogs The Lettered Cottage
It is Peanut Petunia's 100 Post - Congratulations! and go sign up for her wonderful giveaway.

So the last couple days have been a little strange. I woke up Thursday morning at 2 p.m. with sever pains which I was thinking at first I had stomach flu but then it felt like my uterus was contracting and squeezing... It was happening about 3 times or more an hour. I'm only 27 weeks so I was worried. Mr. and I woke up, called Granny to watch Little Man and headed to the Hospital where they monitored us for 3 hours. Everything turned out to be fine. I couldn't believe those pains though... they had me tossin' and turnin' and sweatin' just a MESS! So it wasn't my uterus it was my stomach and Thank you Jesus everything is just fine now. I'm feeling 100% better and just so thankful everything is okay. Enjoy your weekend!

Toodles, The Lady

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm anxious...

Philippians 4:4-7
4 Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. 5 Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; 6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
I really needed to read this today... I'm looking around my house thinking oooooh crap! new baby coming and lots to do... but if I think about it for a second without letting my emotions take over - I'm really doing pretty good and it won't take much effort to get everything right the way it needs to be and lets all remember... everything always works out :) *Sigh*

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wheel of Fortune!

There is no doubt that Pauly is a huge fan of Wheel of Fortune and has been since he was very tiny. I remember when he would be running around in his walker and Wheel of Fortune would come on and he would come running from the other side of the kitchen to come and watch it! Well things haven't changed much except for now he actually screams at the television as if he is solving the puzzle or yelling out a letter. For some reason he yells out the same thing every time which is, "NINE!" We just laugh and laugh - we don't have a clue where he got it and we think it is hilarious that he is screaming a number instead of a letter. It is just too much!

Plus he always claps along. Through the entire show no matter if he is eating or playing he will drop everything he is doing and clap along. With a big grin on his face and those hands just a clapping' along he is in heaven when Wheel of Fortune comes on!!

Quite the character!

Are there ever times when you see a cartoon character and it totally reminds you of someone you know? When my sister married her husband, my mom pointed out that he was very similar to Woody on Disney's Toy Story... see the resemblance? Isn't that crazy! And I'm telling you there is this part on Toy Story 2 where Woody has a little swagger in his step and it is just like Bub (we call him bub since he was our first brother (in-law)) Anyhow, I've discovered I have just that same type of character in my own home and it just happens to be another Disney favorite...

I'm married to Mr. Incredible (incredible in more ways than one of course!)


Now of course it isn't exact but it is "incredible" how their personalities are quite similar as well as their looks!! Proud of their work, not to mention very hardworking, loves his family and dashingly handsome!

As I do this post I watch my little man and I'm trying to decide what type of character he is becoming and there is now doubt that he is following in his daddy's footsteps and I believe I have another "incredible" on my hands.

(Little Man flexing his muscles!!)Not to mention the little rascal that is in my belly - he is for sure quite the character - I can tell already!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nap Time!

So... today we had errands to do and Pauly did catch a cat nap here and there in the car but once we got home I knew he needed a little better nap... I laid him down, told him to go to sleep and take a nap - he had a little bit of a hard time sleeping but then in the middle of nap time - I hear him wake up, go to his door and lay down in front of it. I wake up from my nap a few minutes later to find that he has truly went to sleep in front of his door... there is no way I can open it and put him back in bed so I just leave him there (Maybe we can win the $100,000 on Funniest Home Videos because I totally got it on video)

Oh! He just woke up, better go save him - he is cranky - I can tell... Mimi said I better blow in his ear to re inflate that side of his head... I'm sure it is sore!

About Me!

getting to know me - getting to know all about me... (la! la! la!) Isn't there a song like that on the King and I? Well this post is LONG OVER DUE! I haven't posted anything in a while... I've honestly had a hard time thinking of something... blame it on my pregnancy brain-deadness I guess.

Anyhow, here we go...

I am 28 years old and my birthday is May 18th (Same as George Strait - who growing up loving all things country western from clothes, music and every day life that made me pretty happy when I found out!)

I've been married to my hubby for almost 5 years... Totally need to think of something fun and creative for this anniversary... better call Granny and make sure she's available for babysitting :)

I grew up in a small small very small town out in the middle of no where - we rode the bus for about 45 minutes to and from school. Population sign for the longest time said 26... & I was related to everyone! That is why my mom and I joke - she had to go all the way to Nevada to find her husband and mine came from Alaska! To see a lot more about small town life where I grew up and our family check out my mom's blog (Idaho Round Pen) click here!

I played most sports growing up and loved it! Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track and we all rodeoed. I played Volleyball and Basketball in High School up until my Junior year and that year I decided I was going to graduate early so I took on a very big load of junior and senior classes to help me accomplish that. I also just wanted to practice ropin' as much as possible - so every day that year when we got home from school we were off to the practice pen out in front of our house. Lopin' horses and ropin' the dummy, tyin' our goat (all of our goats and we've probably gone through 10-15 were named Elvis - we're just quirky like that) - I was in the top 10 for Breakaway Ropin (Girls calf ropin') in Idaho my Junior and Senior year. I loved it!

I have two little sisters - I'm the oldest. I'm very protective!

I'm 26 weeks along with our second son... We still don't have a name... We're struggling with this one so far - BUT we don't share till their born anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter any way. Come on November - Mama is cookin'!

I am truly in love with beachy type cottage decor. I love home design and decor - I think I'm obsessed! I really haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up as far as besides being a mama. I've really felt pulled in this direction... I guess you never know where the Lord will use you... for now, I'm content.

I'm totally a girlly girl - just ask my family... I hate being dirty. and I already have my hair thingy box all ready for when I ever have a girl... will it ever happen? or will I forever have to get my girlly-fix off of my nieces? We'll see :)

I wish I was more of a do it all kind of gal... I'm workin' at it! I wished I knew more about DIY home stuff, gardening and such. I do love cookin' and I'm okay at it - I mean my husband and son are still alive... right? Totally a Martha wannabe :)

I love a good drama movie! My favorite movies are You've Got Mail and Step Mom - which I realized last night are both based in New York... So I think I also have a unknown obsession for wanting to travel there.

So excited for the new Meryl Streep movie Julie/Julia :) LOVE IT!

Favorite actors - can't think of any right now... duh! Liam Neeson is probably one...

actresses - Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams (isn't that weird they both have Adams in their last name?)

I don't read! Yet another thing I wished I did... I heart kid's books but can not for the life of me sit down with a "good book" for one - I have a toddler and that just doesn't happen for me and two I start thinking about anything and everything else. When it comes to reading my Bible I honestly have to pray about staying focused and asking God to help my mind not wander... I'm working on it :)

favorite Bible verse : Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the Desires of your heart Psalms 37:4

I'm a huge fan of going through clutter and junk drawers and making a Youth Ranch pile to donate! It is invigorating!! BUT I have to be careful - sometimes I think I offend people when I do it :( Sometimes I'll get something from someone that I have many of so I am not afraid to donate or re gift... I think that should be okay... am I the only one?

I love coffee! I mean I love it! I guess I got that from my dad and Grandma Pattie (she heats coffee up from her coffee pot in the microwave that has been sitting there since yesterday - she's adorable & my dad's coffee has to be strained through a dish towel before I can drink it... grounds anyone?)

I love arts and crafts!

I go a little organizing crazy when I'm nesting... just ask my husband...

I'm a huge fan of eating out... terrible I know but I love the whole getting waited on thing... My husband calls me a princess... Aren't I a Queen though?

that is all for now - I'll write more next time.. toodles

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goodnight! What a stink!

Remember in Charlotte's Web when Avery Zukerman fell onto Wilbur's slop trough and under it was that Templeton's fantastically stinky dud of a Goose egg - the trough obviously crushed the egg and the terrible smell filled the air? ...

Well my son has started the stinky burps and I kid you not he totally burped in my face just now! OMG! I totally almost passed out! I can't believe little perfect me (who never has a stinky anything!) is filled in a house with only stinky! boys!

My mom always teased me by saying "I hope you end up with all girls!" She was pretty sure that my sisters and I were so challenging that she wanted us to have to go through the same thing we put her through... pretty funny that I've ended up with all boys so far... Believe me - Pauly sure keeps me hoppin'! I'm not convinced that boys are so much easier... the little boys in my family are IN TO EVERYTHING!!!! Very busy!

At least after Pauly has any type of "bodily function" he has started saying - excuse me (which actually sounds like goo-me) and he puts his hand over his mouth... It is pretty cute!


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