Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turning 2!!

Well... a week from now my little boy is turning 2 - I just can't believe how time has totally flown by! He is such a good boy and I know he is going to be a wonderful big brother! He is very busy and loves to go outside where he very much enjoys eating mud, playing in the sprinkler/water, run with Daphnie when she is chasing her ball that daddy throws (dad is quite often trying to aim for the top of Paul's head with the ball or see if he can cause a huge wreck between Dapher and Pauly - he is pretty successful!! Mean ole pa!), and he especially loves to "help" his daddy in the garden aka pick as many tomatoes, green peppers, etc. as he can get away with before daddy catches him. During the day while daddy is at work we run errands, get groceries, go to the park, color pictures, watch movies and he has been very helpful lately with laundry. I just give him a basket and I tell him to go put his dirty clothes from his basket into the basket I'm giving him and he does it! It rocks! I haven't really ever had too much trouble with him going to sleep at night (Thank you Jesus!) and when it comes around to bedtime - he pretty much tells me he is ready and we file into his bedroom, put his pjs on him and pray and give kisses and he is out! It is amazing! (Wonder if Dos will do the same?) Pauly is a pretty easy going kid so it does make me wonder what I'm in store for with Mr. Dos. Here is a picture Ben took of us at a Rugby game during the spring - I love it!

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Jackie said...

I cannot believe it either. All the babies are gonna be two! I can't wait to see Mr. Brown Eyes and play outside with him. It won't be long now. Hug him for me please.
to the moon


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