Tuesday, August 25, 2009

29 weeks!

I'm 29 weeks today - So excited but a little anxious. If I have a c-section which I'm guessing I probably will my Dr. said they usually take the baby 2 weeks early so I'll have this kid in about 9 weeks.... eeeek! We'll see what is supposed to happen I guess. I ordered a coming home outfit and it came yesterday - this is it. It has a little lighthouse, whale and boat on the shirt. Very similar to the type of style our little man's outfit looked like.

I have a list a mile long to still work on and I need to make the hubby his list. But for the most part, because I already have all my boy clothes and baby stuff already as this is #2 (Dos) I'm just filling in the blanks. Putting the two boys in one room is going to more interesting and challenging than I thought but we'll just take it day by day.

To add to my anxiety my little man is turning 2 soon... Man! I can't believe it - he is quite the little man and such a snuggler lately. He has been sick with the stomach flu for the past 3 days or so... I'm doing my best not to get sick - hopefully I am successful!

All my doctor appointments have been really smooth and I'm so thankful my blood pressure isn't up like last time! Dos is rocking and rolling and growing!! Toodles for now, The Lady


Todd and Jackie Echeverria said...

So excited i can't stand it.
I am checking my Personal Leave daily just to see if maybe it has grown.
To the moon

Krista said...

Sounds like everything is going great. Congrats!

Annikke said...

Don't worry if you don't get that list of to-do's done....stay focused on staying healthy and save up energy....you'll need it! :-)

Shelley in SC said...

What a sweet little going home outfit. You are positively giving me the itching-for-a-baby-arms!!! Can't wait until you can show him to us!! So glad the blood pressure is still doing well.

Misty said...

Is he feeling any better?

LOVE the outfit... I can't wait to meet him! only 9 weeks, holy cow!

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