Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!!!

As most of you know Pauly turned 1 year old on September 6th!
We had a small little party with just family and had a great time!!
The header pictures are from the party.
There are also more pictures following this entry.
He had previously got some gift certificates to Baskin Robins
from his Auntie Holly so that is where we went to get the cake.
It was delicious and Pauly got to eat his own piece all by himself!
Then I made him and Anastasie little hats for the occasion that
they wore. Paul's was a sailboat and Anastasie's was flowers.
He got a cookie jar shape toy from his Granny and 30 blue and
yellow balloons and a little red wagon from Mimi and Papa.
Then Mama and Daddy got him a train set and Anastasie, Uncle Brad
and Aunt Louise brought him a camouflaged shirt and a little stuffed bird
that makes a sound (Daphnie loves it ;) Amuma and Papa sent him
an outfit that is adorable and perfect and his best bud Phoebe brought
him a little sign for his door that says 'Pauly' on it and some blocks.
He got phones calls from everyone that couldn't make it including
his favorite Auntie Kelly who he is on the phone with below.
Turned out to be a pretty perfect birthday 1st birthday for him!
Enjoy the pics :) !!


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