Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazy Eights!

I saw a fellow blogger had this cute idea - so I am posting it on my blog today!

(8 things I am Looking Forward to:)
Seeing my sister hopefully in July - Man I miss them!
My sister Casi coming to visit in May!
My family coming next weekend to visit!
The smells of summer - lawns being mowed, bbqs and hopefully a little paint!
Getting a little of that sun kissed brown skin!
Going swimming as a family (little man should really enjoy that this year!)
Finding out if we are having a boy or a girl? What's it gonna be?!
Meeting my new little one in early November... I'm already 10 weeks - can't believe it!

(8 things I did yesterday)
-A large majority of the day was spent praying for my mama
-and Little man and I had errands to do
-Then off to the park for a little fun!
-Got in a friendly (shall I call it disagreement?) with a friend... I think we sort of agree too though but- all is well... I know I probably did too much worrying about this one BUT hey I'm hormonal!
-Made Beef Stroganoff for dinner - turned out great! Yum! Yum!
-Made my menu for the next couple weeks along with a grocery list
-Watched Bambi with the little guy
-Did some housework

(8 things I wish I could do:)
-Knit better - I can only make scarfs and they are sort of scarfs at that
-Be at the top of my game between being a wife, mother and homemaker and most importantly always shining for Christ (But hey nobody is perfect so we've got to keep truckin' along huh!)
-I wish I could get our house refinanced! We've got an ARM-please pray for us! We were idiots! but I guess you learn from your mistakes!
-I wish I could also do something small at home to pitch in financially - nothing big just something...this is something Ben and I are always trying to think of and obviously there are a few obvious things like babysit (but I don't really want to raise other people's kids and I believe that has added negatives for our family), I could do some type of Avon, Mary Kay (but it just isn't me), I know there are a hand full of other things but everything so far always seems a little too shady for us...
-I wish I lived closer to all my family!
-I wish I could remodel our house! I don't mind the location but there are a few quirky things about it - ya know... why not.
-I wish I could afford it so we could eat organic
-I wish I looked like Charlize Theron - well her body anyways!

(8 shows I watch:)
-American Idol
-Dancing with the Stars
-Food Network - My fav is Barefoot Contessa! Go Ina!
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-My Friends Tigger and Pooh (I'm telling you - my son is my excuse to get to watch cartoons - I love it!)
-Grey's Anatomy

Do it! It's fun! xoxo, SJ


Friday, April 17, 2009

thank you jesus!

Just want to put a little "Praise Jesus" out there! My mom had a little health scare that the doctor's had to check on and to do so they had they had to put her out and check on it... she is doing great and the scare is nothing to be scared about! Yeah! Praise the Lord! We are so thankful!

Run Fast!

Lately my boy has been catching on to how fun it is to run! He will walk into the kitchen, put his back to the farthest hard surface (which is my china hutch) and looks forward plotting his quick steps!! He runs with his hands pretty strait to his sides now and his little feet are very quick moving not yet lifting up his knees - he is being very cautious of each and every step. He always runs to me and bounces off my body... (which is kind of scary when I'm laying on my side on the couch - I have to protect myself - he is a solid little guy! I tell him - You're a fast runner!!! - and he gets a little smile on his proud little face... turns around and heads back into the kitchen to do it again!

Today at the park we (can you believe this chunky, preggers lady ran?) ran from the toys to the jeep which was about half a football field... I know! This park sucked - we're not going back! But he loves running and now I know every time he'll want to run.... Here comes the fat girl! eeeek...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Got a vacation... sort of!

Well my Easter was both exciting and just plain ole crappy! I got to sneak away at a moment's notice to go spend Easter with my ma n pa. It was so exciting to see them after not seeing them in about 2 months. My boy loved it and it took him but just a second to get in the Mimi and Papa's house groove! He also got some time to play with his best little Macarti Rae - you should of just seen these two playing in the dirt with the bucket and little shovels that Pauly got for Easter. Macarti was totally throwing dirty on Pauly and it was blowing back into her face. Her hair was full of dirt. Pauly was taking little bites here and there of dirt... he must be lacking some minerals in his diet I guess :)

Easter Day is where, unfortunately, it all went down hill as my back went out - AT CHURCH By the way! It stunk! But my mom and dad totally pitched in to help me with Pauly so I could get on the mend. I totally ruined Easter as we were all going to go in to IF and eat and everything! Oh well... they all told me not to worry about it so I'm not. I had to cut my trip short and came home on Monday. Barely made it... my back is a lot better and I'm very thankful for the time I did get with my family!

It will be better next time for sure!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 09

I went to my husband on Friday, out of no where and yes waking him from a nap (remember, he was on vacation) I told him I had to go home! I missed my parents and just being back home seems to always recharge me! I hadn't left the house in about 2 months (left as in left the city I should say...) and it was just time for me to get out of town! My hubby said - of course go and proceeded to go get the jeep's oil changed so I could get on the road asap. My parents' home is about a 4 hour drive. I threw in a bag clothes for the weekend and then some for little man and me - threw together my house hoping the hubby would try and have it in a somewhat similar when I get back.

We got on the road within an hour and I got to mom and dad's that night around 10 p.m. I drove through a rain/snow storm that was SCARY! It was one of those that the snow is blowing toward you and you feel like your in a tunnel... I just had to be careful and watch the lines on the road (which were a little hard to see) Little man and I did the ole drive through McyD's - Dollar Menu style and he wouldn't go to sleep until I got within 10 miles of Mimi's house. He is such a stinker!

Easter weekend was a combination of me just trying to get in every ounce of the country's fresh air I could, time with my mom and dad and sissy and her baby girl as well as other family. For Easter Day we got up at 6:45 and went down to church and was served a delicious breakfast made my the church's teen group (I totally served breakfast back when I was a teen for Easter Breakfast - totally fun! It is something the teens have done even when my mom was party of that Sunday School Class! Pretty cool and really yummy!) Then we went back to Mimi and Papa's (which is what little man, as well as all the other grandkids call my mom and dad instead of Grandma and Grandpa - their special so they get special names :) Anywho little man opened his Easter Basket full of fun and we all got dressed for church!

The worship was wonderful! My dad and sis sing as part of the worship team so a lot of time when little man wasn't asking for a cracker he was waving at Aunt CiCi and Papa - so cute! Then during the message we went and took the kids to another room to play where they continued to run circles and ate little apples that were on the foyer table for anyone to take... they kept eating their apples and dropping them and so they weren't the cleanest apples ever. In fact, they were pretty gross after that so I threw little man's away.

Then when church was over we (all my family) we going to get in the car and drive an hour to the nearest open restaurant (yes my home town is out in the middle of the Bonneys!) BUT we didn't end up going as I had a huge back spasm that nearly took me to my knees... I've had back problems nearly all my life - well at least since I blew my knee goat tying...what a nightmare!

We got home and I tried to take a nap while Mimi and Papa watched little man but I only woke up a half hour later to find out that I couldn't hardly get out of bed - then once I did I had another hard spasm that had me screaming, my little boy scared, my mom near calling 911 and my dad running around trying to help any way he could. After that I turned completely white and I thought for sure I was going to loose my cookies or pass out... Neither happened. I made it to the kitchen counter where I leaned for about 20 minutes. That night I slept in my dad's chair and the next morning I was feeling better so I packed the jeep back up and we came home!

I was so bummed since our little fabulous plan of a Easter Day was ruined as well as Mon and Tues I was planning on watching my siss' little girl so her and little man could play and I wasn't able to do that either.

Well... I was able to sleep last night (Thank you Jesus!) and today I'm trying to get around, take care of the little guy and unpack some. As well as work on my house as in a week and a half I have company coming and my house is screaming for Merry Maids to come!

So thankful though really, that I could go for the little time that I did and see my ma and pa and family. My boy had a great time and no matter what comes up we always are so thankful that we could go visit. Besides, this Easter doesn't hold a candle to last years... which really sucked by the way!

Friday, April 3, 2009

it's a beautiful day

today is such a beautiful day it is... not only because it is raining, snowing and sunny all at the same time but because i am just coming off my little break from my little man and boy what a beautiful break it was.... but I'm ready for my BOY to be back! i feel so blessed to have family near me that love and adore my little man so much! they would take him in a heart beat at any time i need some help or a little break.

last night was such a blessing to witness to of our new friends recommit their vows to each other and their daughter. the location was so beautiful not only because of the decor but because of the event that was taking place. i got to visit with even more new friends (whom i'm just so taken a back at how the Lord has brought me friendships after i so very much needed them)

after the ceremony my man and i went out to a little cafe/pub (the actual location where we met) and we munched on the actual meal that we shared the very night we met. we got to visit and laugh it was so special... i love him so!

now I am just coming off of a little break from cleaning and getting energized to go again. i've got the kitchen left and laundry of course is never ending... but so thrilled to have my little man home in about an hour... i miss him so!

When is my vacation?

Today, Friday... after Ben is off work - he is officially on vacation for a week! So fun! It will be so nice to have him home. We are not planning on going any where - we are going to work on our back yard, our (hopeful) well will get a pump on it and we will just spruce everything up outside! I can't wait to plant my new flowers seeds I got from Chris and Misty's ceremony last night (which was beautiful by the way!) I've got to pick out the perfect spot. A couple years ago when my Grandma Great died I had thought about selecting a little corner of my yard and have a little flower garden in her honor as she loved her some flowers!!! She was such a talented woman... I miss her so.

Anyway back to vacation! Ben has quite a few things planned around the house and it will be some wonderful Pauly, Daddy and Mama time which is fine by me... I love that idea much more than going anywhere and spending any crazy amount of money. Just us!

Last night was my little vay-K from my little boy. I do miss him so though! I slept in until 11 am and feel like a million bucks! Thank you Granny and Grandad - such an amazing gift. A night off... after the little ceremony my hubby and I went out to Old Chicago (which is where we met by the way) and we shared some chicken fingers, french fries and veggies (the exact same meal we shared when we met) It was so sweet. They were just starting karaoke when we left and all the memories just came swimming back to me of that night when we met and the little dash of a smile he gave me as he walked by me only to go to the restroom and come right back to me and sit down and start eating my chicken strips :)

What a wonderful little break this has been but BOY I'm ready for my little man to come home! Right now I'm listening to what I call CAFE music on our iTunes... Ben has compiled a combination of oldies, french music and old/new music (which consists of like Adele and Michael Buble {mom don't hurt yourself}) I have now cleaned the livingroom and Pauly's and now I've got to do a few other things and hopefully get in a shower before little man gets home... so glad!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 things

I was tagged to do this by my sister Jodi. It was super fun to jog my brain and look forward to the years to come!

5 things I was doing five years ago:

Working as a collector for Sears Credit
Planning a wedding
Enjoying manicures and pedicures whenever I liked!
Loving my daily Starbucks
Learned about my new niece or nephew that was coming that year in December (Bailey Boo)

5 things on my to do list tomorrow: (supposed to be today but it is 9:38 p.m and I'm done!)

Enjoy a vow renewal of my new friends!
Take Pauly to his Granny's (to spend the night :) A little ME time :) (too bad I'm broke!)
Clean my house!
Take a uninterrupted NAP (thank you Granny and Grandad)!

5 thing that I would do with a million dollars:
Give some to the Lord
Give to Family
Pay off our debt
Build a house on a hill

5 places I have lived:
Howe, ID
Lovelock, NV
Nampa, ID
Jerome, ID
Boise, ID

5 Jobs I have had:
Hot Stuff Pizza
JB's Restaurant for a day (then I realized I can't tell the guests to get a hold of their kids and to JUST EAT IT!!)
Movie Rental place in Nampa (Can't remember the name!)
Sears Credit
Idaho Community Foundation

5 Things I want to be doing in 5 years:
Raising 2 or more kids
Volunteering more
Be Debt Free (besides mortgage and our mortgage be loan!!)
Playing some type of sport (maybe with the "Y" basketball, softball... something!)
Striving every day to be a better Lady of the House

5 people I'm tagging:
Mom's in the Fish Bowl
Rainy Day in May
whoever else wants to share!! It's super fun!


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