Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazy Eights!

I saw a fellow blogger had this cute idea - so I am posting it on my blog today!

(8 things I am Looking Forward to:)
Seeing my sister hopefully in July - Man I miss them!
My sister Casi coming to visit in May!
My family coming next weekend to visit!
The smells of summer - lawns being mowed, bbqs and hopefully a little paint!
Getting a little of that sun kissed brown skin!
Going swimming as a family (little man should really enjoy that this year!)
Finding out if we are having a boy or a girl? What's it gonna be?!
Meeting my new little one in early November... I'm already 10 weeks - can't believe it!

(8 things I did yesterday)
-A large majority of the day was spent praying for my mama
-and Little man and I had errands to do
-Then off to the park for a little fun!
-Got in a friendly (shall I call it disagreement?) with a friend... I think we sort of agree too though but- all is well... I know I probably did too much worrying about this one BUT hey I'm hormonal!
-Made Beef Stroganoff for dinner - turned out great! Yum! Yum!
-Made my menu for the next couple weeks along with a grocery list
-Watched Bambi with the little guy
-Did some housework

(8 things I wish I could do:)
-Knit better - I can only make scarfs and they are sort of scarfs at that
-Be at the top of my game between being a wife, mother and homemaker and most importantly always shining for Christ (But hey nobody is perfect so we've got to keep truckin' along huh!)
-I wish I could get our house refinanced! We've got an ARM-please pray for us! We were idiots! but I guess you learn from your mistakes!
-I wish I could also do something small at home to pitch in financially - nothing big just something...this is something Ben and I are always trying to think of and obviously there are a few obvious things like babysit (but I don't really want to raise other people's kids and I believe that has added negatives for our family), I could do some type of Avon, Mary Kay (but it just isn't me), I know there are a hand full of other things but everything so far always seems a little too shady for us...
-I wish I lived closer to all my family!
-I wish I could remodel our house! I don't mind the location but there are a few quirky things about it - ya know... why not.
-I wish I could afford it so we could eat organic
-I wish I looked like Charlize Theron - well her body anyways!

(8 shows I watch:)
-American Idol
-Dancing with the Stars
-Food Network - My fav is Barefoot Contessa! Go Ina!
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-My Friends Tigger and Pooh (I'm telling you - my son is my excuse to get to watch cartoons - I love it!)
-Grey's Anatomy

Do it! It's fun! xoxo, SJ


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Misty said...

so I linked here via your comment. you have another blog right? Because I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this one...

-ok... i LOVE summer smells. Love it. Last saturday, everyone (including us) mowed and it was DIVINE!!!!
-Organic- me too... We used to be able to afford it. And I was one of those "only organic, how can you put that crap in your body???" and it's been HARD to transition off of that soap box.
- my 10 year old daughter still can't watch bambi... Too devastating.

When we are back from vacation we should have a barbecue! :) It was good to see you Sunday, hope you are feeling better! Sadie's shower was fun :)


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