Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I"m alive!!!! It's a miracle!

As most of you know - I'm about 13 weeks preggers... just coming off of the 1st trimester! Thank you Jesus! For the past 12 weeks well... at least 8 (I found out I was pregnant when I was 4 weeks a long) I've been hiding out on my couch for most of the morning sleeping as my poor little son has become very familiar with... as he calls it... Move it! Move it! aka Madagascar! He loves this movie and I did too for the first 300,000 times but now I'm sick of it! Although, the other day when Caser was here and Carti... we rented Madagascar 2 and that was fun... Loved it! Ben did too! Ben's favorite part is the song that Moto Moto sings to Gloria... It is hysterical listening to Ben try and sing it in his deep deep voice!

So yes... Casi and Carti came to visit this past weekend... It was... nice. It was nice to see my sister and that little Carti is growing and talking a hundred million miles an hour. The first morning we took the kids to the park and they played till they couldn't function. The played on the swings where with every push Paul was giggling and giggling - it was pretty funny. Then they would walk up and down - up and down the steps to go down the slide. Pauly decided the stairs were the most fun part about it and would go up and down and when Carti came around to go back up them he would kick at her... what a stinker huh! Don't worry she got him back plenty... within the next couple days she body slammed him once... slapped him in the head several times and by the end of the weekend... every time he saw her coming he would run to me to pick him up. Carti better watch out because when #2 comes along he'll learn a little self defence and she'll have to watch out!

Other than all the self defense that was being performed there was plenty of hugging and playing. I got the kids on video tape brushing eachother's hair... well Pauly would brush Carti's then he wouldn't let her brush his... it was funny! He was very particular about her hair and she probably sat there for 10 minutes letting him brush her hair. It was so sweet!

BUT anyhow I'm doing great. We heard the baby's heart beat so all is well and my body is not embedded in the couch any more - I'm alive!!! It's a miracle!


Krista said...

I'm glad you are doing well. Good luck with the next 2 trimesters.

Misty said...

i had actually been wondering about you! Glad to know you are doing ok. I was making a note to call you when we are back in town, and check in on you!

Misty said...

i know you aren't blogging these days, but wanted to let you know I've tagged you in a Meme. :)

hope you are feeling well...


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