Saturday, August 3, 2013

first things first

The fun thing about having
a new baby is there are a lot
of "firsts" you get to capture.
First outing, first tub time,
first tooth that came in and
so on. Taking pictures and
keeping track of all the "firsts"

for all three of these boys is keeping this mama very busy!

Pauly's first time meeting Martin.
William's first time meeting Martin.
Here is the first outing for Martin to go outside and watch his brothers play.
I just adored this picture.
Pauly lost his first tooth days before I went in to have Martin. ...
Dad helped a little.
You can envision a string and a countdown... eeeeek!
AND Pauly learned how to ride his bike.
He taught himself!

Martin's first time meeting his Auntie Holly.

First funny t-shirt *wink*
First tub time!! He doesn't look too impressed but I think he really liked it.
Love that face.

First time going to eat at a restaurant as a family of five.

Thank goodness he slept the whole time.

The two big boys were awesome. Here is Pauly and Daddy.

William and Mama. William was just about to put his fork in his mouth.

First photo session with mama.

First nap in his big boy crib.

First fun evening with the sprinkler under the new trampoline!!

First doctor's appointment. Marty was so brave. ... so was mama.

First cozy nap time with the best daddy.

 First time to Granny and Grandad's house.

First time to Aunt Cici, Uncle Brian and Carti's house.

First time being attacked by a dog.

First photo session of our 3 sons. 
...your children will be like olive shoots around your table.
Psalm 128:3b


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