Friday, April 3, 2009

When is my vacation?

Today, Friday... after Ben is off work - he is officially on vacation for a week! So fun! It will be so nice to have him home. We are not planning on going any where - we are going to work on our back yard, our (hopeful) well will get a pump on it and we will just spruce everything up outside! I can't wait to plant my new flowers seeds I got from Chris and Misty's ceremony last night (which was beautiful by the way!) I've got to pick out the perfect spot. A couple years ago when my Grandma Great died I had thought about selecting a little corner of my yard and have a little flower garden in her honor as she loved her some flowers!!! She was such a talented woman... I miss her so.

Anyway back to vacation! Ben has quite a few things planned around the house and it will be some wonderful Pauly, Daddy and Mama time which is fine by me... I love that idea much more than going anywhere and spending any crazy amount of money. Just us!

Last night was my little vay-K from my little boy. I do miss him so though! I slept in until 11 am and feel like a million bucks! Thank you Granny and Grandad - such an amazing gift. A night off... after the little ceremony my hubby and I went out to Old Chicago (which is where we met by the way) and we shared some chicken fingers, french fries and veggies (the exact same meal we shared when we met) It was so sweet. They were just starting karaoke when we left and all the memories just came swimming back to me of that night when we met and the little dash of a smile he gave me as he walked by me only to go to the restroom and come right back to me and sit down and start eating my chicken strips :)

What a wonderful little break this has been but BOY I'm ready for my little man to come home! Right now I'm listening to what I call CAFE music on our iTunes... Ben has compiled a combination of oldies, french music and old/new music (which consists of like Adele and Michael Buble {mom don't hurt yourself}) I have now cleaned the livingroom and Pauly's and now I've got to do a few other things and hopefully get in a shower before little man gets home... so glad!

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Jackie said...

Hey Sami,
I am glad to hear you are enjoying your Ipod. Good uplifting music does wonders. (mark bubble)
I can't wait to see your flowers, make sure and take alot of pictures of your family work day.
Kiss that little browned eyed man for mimi and papa.
to the moon

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