Friday, April 3, 2009

it's a beautiful day

today is such a beautiful day it is... not only because it is raining, snowing and sunny all at the same time but because i am just coming off my little break from my little man and boy what a beautiful break it was.... but I'm ready for my BOY to be back! i feel so blessed to have family near me that love and adore my little man so much! they would take him in a heart beat at any time i need some help or a little break.

last night was such a blessing to witness to of our new friends recommit their vows to each other and their daughter. the location was so beautiful not only because of the decor but because of the event that was taking place. i got to visit with even more new friends (whom i'm just so taken a back at how the Lord has brought me friendships after i so very much needed them)

after the ceremony my man and i went out to a little cafe/pub (the actual location where we met) and we munched on the actual meal that we shared the very night we met. we got to visit and laugh it was so special... i love him so!

now I am just coming off of a little break from cleaning and getting energized to go again. i've got the kitchen left and laundry of course is never ending... but so thrilled to have my little man home in about an hour... i miss him so!

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