Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 09

I went to my husband on Friday, out of no where and yes waking him from a nap (remember, he was on vacation) I told him I had to go home! I missed my parents and just being back home seems to always recharge me! I hadn't left the house in about 2 months (left as in left the city I should say...) and it was just time for me to get out of town! My hubby said - of course go and proceeded to go get the jeep's oil changed so I could get on the road asap. My parents' home is about a 4 hour drive. I threw in a bag clothes for the weekend and then some for little man and me - threw together my house hoping the hubby would try and have it in a somewhat similar when I get back.

We got on the road within an hour and I got to mom and dad's that night around 10 p.m. I drove through a rain/snow storm that was SCARY! It was one of those that the snow is blowing toward you and you feel like your in a tunnel... I just had to be careful and watch the lines on the road (which were a little hard to see) Little man and I did the ole drive through McyD's - Dollar Menu style and he wouldn't go to sleep until I got within 10 miles of Mimi's house. He is such a stinker!

Easter weekend was a combination of me just trying to get in every ounce of the country's fresh air I could, time with my mom and dad and sissy and her baby girl as well as other family. For Easter Day we got up at 6:45 and went down to church and was served a delicious breakfast made my the church's teen group (I totally served breakfast back when I was a teen for Easter Breakfast - totally fun! It is something the teens have done even when my mom was party of that Sunday School Class! Pretty cool and really yummy!) Then we went back to Mimi and Papa's (which is what little man, as well as all the other grandkids call my mom and dad instead of Grandma and Grandpa - their special so they get special names :) Anywho little man opened his Easter Basket full of fun and we all got dressed for church!

The worship was wonderful! My dad and sis sing as part of the worship team so a lot of time when little man wasn't asking for a cracker he was waving at Aunt CiCi and Papa - so cute! Then during the message we went and took the kids to another room to play where they continued to run circles and ate little apples that were on the foyer table for anyone to take... they kept eating their apples and dropping them and so they weren't the cleanest apples ever. In fact, they were pretty gross after that so I threw little man's away.

Then when church was over we (all my family) we going to get in the car and drive an hour to the nearest open restaurant (yes my home town is out in the middle of the Bonneys!) BUT we didn't end up going as I had a huge back spasm that nearly took me to my knees... I've had back problems nearly all my life - well at least since I blew my knee goat tying...what a nightmare!

We got home and I tried to take a nap while Mimi and Papa watched little man but I only woke up a half hour later to find out that I couldn't hardly get out of bed - then once I did I had another hard spasm that had me screaming, my little boy scared, my mom near calling 911 and my dad running around trying to help any way he could. After that I turned completely white and I thought for sure I was going to loose my cookies or pass out... Neither happened. I made it to the kitchen counter where I leaned for about 20 minutes. That night I slept in my dad's chair and the next morning I was feeling better so I packed the jeep back up and we came home!

I was so bummed since our little fabulous plan of a Easter Day was ruined as well as Mon and Tues I was planning on watching my siss' little girl so her and little man could play and I wasn't able to do that either.

Well... I was able to sleep last night (Thank you Jesus!) and today I'm trying to get around, take care of the little guy and unpack some. As well as work on my house as in a week and a half I have company coming and my house is screaming for Merry Maids to come!

So thankful though really, that I could go for the little time that I did and see my ma and pa and family. My boy had a great time and no matter what comes up we always are so thankful that we could go visit. Besides, this Easter doesn't hold a candle to last years... which really sucked by the way!

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