Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Got a vacation... sort of!

Well my Easter was both exciting and just plain ole crappy! I got to sneak away at a moment's notice to go spend Easter with my ma n pa. It was so exciting to see them after not seeing them in about 2 months. My boy loved it and it took him but just a second to get in the Mimi and Papa's house groove! He also got some time to play with his best little Macarti Rae - you should of just seen these two playing in the dirt with the bucket and little shovels that Pauly got for Easter. Macarti was totally throwing dirty on Pauly and it was blowing back into her face. Her hair was full of dirt. Pauly was taking little bites here and there of dirt... he must be lacking some minerals in his diet I guess :)

Easter Day is where, unfortunately, it all went down hill as my back went out - AT CHURCH By the way! It stunk! But my mom and dad totally pitched in to help me with Pauly so I could get on the mend. I totally ruined Easter as we were all going to go in to IF and eat and everything! Oh well... they all told me not to worry about it so I'm not. I had to cut my trip short and came home on Monday. Barely made it... my back is a lot better and I'm very thankful for the time I did get with my family!

It will be better next time for sure!


Jackie said...

I would do anything to spend even one hour with you.
I love you Sami
to the moon

Shelby said...

That's terrible that your back went out--I bet the drive was NOT fun, but it's nice that you were able to see them for a short visit. I'm lucky that my family is all within 30 minutes of me. It would be hard not to see them all the time.

Misty said...

I can't imagine how bad that drive was, with your back. you poor thing! I am so sorry... Do you need anything? I know you said you are better but I could totally help you out if you need it...


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