Friday, April 17, 2009

Run Fast!

Lately my boy has been catching on to how fun it is to run! He will walk into the kitchen, put his back to the farthest hard surface (which is my china hutch) and looks forward plotting his quick steps!! He runs with his hands pretty strait to his sides now and his little feet are very quick moving not yet lifting up his knees - he is being very cautious of each and every step. He always runs to me and bounces off my body... (which is kind of scary when I'm laying on my side on the couch - I have to protect myself - he is a solid little guy! I tell him - You're a fast runner!!! - and he gets a little smile on his proud little face... turns around and heads back into the kitchen to do it again!

Today at the park we (can you believe this chunky, preggers lady ran?) ran from the toys to the jeep which was about half a football field... I know! This park sucked - we're not going back! But he loves running and now I know every time he'll want to run.... Here comes the fat girl! eeeek...

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Misty said...

SO FUN!!!!! I can just see him.

which park sucked? we have good parks, but not so good ones. we love Settlers park in meridian (seems to be the kid favorite) and camel's back (for older kids)...

It was such a great sunshine day.

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