Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a mess!

I am a huge cartoon watcher and yes it is mostly Disney - from Winnie the Pooh to Beauty and the Beast, Old Yeller and my ultimate favorite Cinderella - having my first son gave me a really fabulous reason to get away with watching cartoons. I'm addicted!!! Even when I was pregnant with little man I would tell my husband that the reason I was already watching the Disney channel was because I was "previewing" the shows to make sure they are okay for our little man to watch or not. I'm pretty picky and won't even let him watch some little shows because of the speech impediments they give some of the characters not to mention the snappy back talkin' characters that are on the majority of shows lately.

On the Disney channel I let him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog - sorry I had to throw that in :), My friends Tigger and Pooh, and Handy Manny (w/ some other exceptions) There is NO Sponge Bob allowed in the house, and none of those Tweeny/Tenny Bopper Movies (THEY ARE SO MOUTHY!) A lot of the shows that are on are SO Inappropriate! ALSO have you ever noticed how many characters have speech impediments? (Tigger and piglets are terrible! but they fall into my exception category) The little Wonder Pets on Nickelodeon are terribly cute and adorable and they are a speech impediment nightmare! Why is it so important to make a character talk funny to make them interesting?

Now, I am not saying that speech impediments are a bad thing, I totally understand that some and probably most kids (at one time or another) have the unfortunate struggle of having to work through speech problems. BUT I just don't want my kid (s) learning them on television.

The other HUGE problem I have with most movies for kids involves one or more of the following: smoking, drinking (to drunkenness), or just mouthy kids. Even on Dumbo - they get drunk! Alice in Wonderland - the caterpillar was smoking! Beauty and the Beast - Gaston and his sidekick are drinking in the pub ---------- it just does not end! I've noticed this a while ago and it was when I was quite young (like freshman in high school) and I thought then I should write a letter to someone about this. Although I never did, NOW having my own kid (s) I feel like I really should do something about it! Can't "the kid these days" enjoy movies and still find them interesting without these things... Is it just way too much to ask? Or are they so used to it that flicks just aren't interesting to them anymore without kids talking back to their parents and cartoon characters throwing back a shot or two?

My husband and I have decided to discontinue our Dish Network (which I'm totally proud of us! Go Team!)... We have not been watching near as much television and when there is "nothing" on we turn the t.v. off and read books and play outside or something. Weekly, I consider living without television as a whole BUT then I think about Monday Night Football and I remember that it is on Dish (not on regular television anymore :( and I'm not sure if I can handle October and November (being pregnant and WITHOUT my football!!) so we'll see how long no Dish Network lasts and we honestly just aren't the type of people to go without t.v. as a whole - hopefully we are working toward a happy medium in our household. What is your opinion? Any thoughts?


Misty said...

Genny had been living with us about 8 months when we stepped back and really considered Television and how it affected our family. These shows, they affected her attitudes and what she took from them wasn't the best. (hey! there is a photo of my living room in your sidebar. Weird.) anyway, it affected us too. We went years with only antenna tv. like detoxing to get there. When we moved to Idaho we did the digital cable thing again for 2 years and this spring, for economic reasons, turned it off. I MISS The DVR. (a lot.) but otherwise- it was a great decision... the less tv, the better. And Genny? Where most kids her age live in front of the tv, she has no desire. :)

Todd and Jackie Echeverria said...

Great Idea on the shuting of the Dish and spending more time reading or outside. There is always something better to do.
P.S. I love your new signature.
to the moon

Krista said...

We have never had tv in our house. We can't even get the local channels. We use Net flicks and watch movies so that I know what my kids are watching. I love it. At times we play around with the idea of cable, but in the end we are glad we don't have it. Plus I know that I would watch way too much tv, rather then focus on my job as a wife and mother. So, I say good for you! At times, when we want to what something on tv, we arrange to watch it at a friends house and bring the snacks and have a party.

Shelley in SC said...

Oh, you're funny!! Well, we were always without cable until one year I gave a cable subscription to my husband for his birthday JUST for the Nebraka Husker's football season. Well, cable has never taken its sneaky feet out of our house again. And I will say it makes for a LOT of work for me monitoring it for 5 kids. If I had my way, it'd be gone. But then, I'm not a sports fan!! They have a totally different view : )!!

Heather said...

Good for you! You're much stronger than I am- I'm not sure I could live without my DVR!! I totally agree on the cartoon thing- no sponge bob here! We stick to PBS with the occasional Dora/Diego.

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