Friday, August 14, 2009

Hidey Ho and link to a Fabulous Giveaway!

Fabulous Giveaway Link to Peanut Petunia - it is a cute little blog and I found her blog through one of my most favorite blogs The Lettered Cottage
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So the last couple days have been a little strange. I woke up Thursday morning at 2 p.m. with sever pains which I was thinking at first I had stomach flu but then it felt like my uterus was contracting and squeezing... It was happening about 3 times or more an hour. I'm only 27 weeks so I was worried. Mr. and I woke up, called Granny to watch Little Man and headed to the Hospital where they monitored us for 3 hours. Everything turned out to be fine. I couldn't believe those pains though... they had me tossin' and turnin' and sweatin' just a MESS! So it wasn't my uterus it was my stomach and Thank you Jesus everything is just fine now. I'm feeling 100% better and just so thankful everything is okay. Enjoy your weekend!

Toodles, The Lady


Shelby said...

I'm glad that everything was okay--how scary!

Todd and Jackie Echeverria said...

Dad and I are so thankful as well.
Drink your water!
to the moon

Shelley in SC said...

Hi! Been out of the blog loop for a wild and wooly week, so I'm just reading this post. So glad all is well. What a panicky time!


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