Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goodnight! What a stink!

Remember in Charlotte's Web when Avery Zukerman fell onto Wilbur's slop trough and under it was that Templeton's fantastically stinky dud of a Goose egg - the trough obviously crushed the egg and the terrible smell filled the air? ...

Well my son has started the stinky burps and I kid you not he totally burped in my face just now! OMG! I totally almost passed out! I can't believe little perfect me (who never has a stinky anything!) is filled in a house with only stinky! boys!

My mom always teased me by saying "I hope you end up with all girls!" She was pretty sure that my sisters and I were so challenging that she wanted us to have to go through the same thing we put her through... pretty funny that I've ended up with all boys so far... Believe me - Pauly sure keeps me hoppin'! I'm not convinced that boys are so much easier... the little boys in my family are IN TO EVERYTHING!!!! Very busy!

At least after Pauly has any type of "bodily function" he has started saying - excuse me (which actually sounds like goo-me) and he puts his hand over his mouth... It is pretty cute!

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Jackie said...

Now Sami Jo, that is not the truth.
You girls were such good kids until you got to be jr.s in High School. Then it was like, I don't know you became someone else. But it is just a part of being a kid and then moving on to being an adult. A tough time for everyone I am sure. But you were the best little girls and I enjoyed it all.
I was very blessed to have such good kids.
to the moon


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