Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prepare for Dos!

So in preparation for our newest addition "Mr. Dos" I have made up a little list of things I need to fill in the gaps. Obviously I already have a lot of the stuff I need for baby #2 as I already had baby #1...

It is just amazing how the Lord works. I made up a list of things I needed, and slowly but surely, without even really sharing my little list with anyone (except for ma and sisters) - people send me, randomly, things I need off my list! It is just amazing and I am so grateful to the Lord for this type of reassurance that he is the Amazing Provider and will always take care of us.

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Jackie said...

God is so good.
I always have to stop and smile when I have told God of our needs and that I trust him to provide, then when he provides for us in some way, I think to myself "Wow He really did it". I am sure He is thinking, Well ya asked didn't ya, why are you suprised.
I love to watch Him work in the everyday things.
Keep feasting in the word and seeking His face.
To the moon


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