Monday, July 27, 2009


As all of you already mama's know - Nesting is a feeling that comes over your body during the last trimester to get your house all ready for your new born baby. I'm just starting to get that feeling of wanting to turn my house up-side-down and go to town on it! Except it has been too hot! I have been doing a few things here and there and I have my list. I'm sure I'll get it all done soon enough! There isn't much to do as this is our second boy.
This morning I was thinking about this feeling I have to go crazy cleaning and reorganizing and I thought about nests - how much work birds put into making their little nests the perfect home for their tiny ones is just amazing isn't it! I actually love birds and nests as part of decor so below are a few pics I found of where people have used bird's nests in their decor. Enjoy!

This chandelier is amazing - but I'm not sure how one would go about cleaning it. Probably really carefully!

This came off of Etsy - funkiefinds is the seller.

I found this at - I love the bird and the nest!

Aren't these creative - love them and totally doable!

This is totally me. The letters, the candles, the glass... I love it all!


Shelley in SC said...

There is something just so charming about nests and birds . . . so representative about the life we're living daily, huh?? HOWEVER, that chandelier might be way too much for me. Love all the others, but the chandelier could get a little creepy : )!!

Katie said...

Well I am a bird person and all but I don't think I could put that nest up in my chandelier! I do enjoy seeing it if only to see other people's creativity. I found a darling little nest on my parent's front lawn that had been blown there. I ever so carefully saved it to do something with it and like usual my husband THREW it away. I was so annoyed. Husbands sometimes just don't get it. I was like if I didn't want it why would I have carefully wrapped it and set it on MY shelf. He thought he was helping me...

Martha said...

The chandelier is cute but I would be so afraid of fire! I love all things "bird and nest"!


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