Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quite the character!

Are there ever times when you see a cartoon character and it totally reminds you of someone you know? When my sister married her husband, my mom pointed out that he was very similar to Woody on Disney's Toy Story... see the resemblance? Isn't that crazy! And I'm telling you there is this part on Toy Story 2 where Woody has a little swagger in his step and it is just like Bub (we call him bub since he was our first brother (in-law)) Anyhow, I've discovered I have just that same type of character in my own home and it just happens to be another Disney favorite...

I'm married to Mr. Incredible (incredible in more ways than one of course!)


Now of course it isn't exact but it is "incredible" how their personalities are quite similar as well as their looks!! Proud of their work, not to mention very hardworking, loves his family and dashingly handsome!

As I do this post I watch my little man and I'm trying to decide what type of character he is becoming and there is now doubt that he is following in his daddy's footsteps and I believe I have another "incredible" on my hands.

(Little Man flexing his muscles!!)Not to mention the little rascal that is in my belly - he is for sure quite the character - I can tell already!


Misty said...

so cute...

Annikke said...

This is a super cute post!

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