Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Map it out!!

Plates! Everyone likes plates! Don't they?

I just love this kid's room and that sconce... sigh.
found here: Susan on DesignWhat a fun chair!

I love this wallpaper so colorful and fun!
found here: Stanfords

Steven Gambrel maps wallpaper - Yes please.

found here: House Beautiful This is perfect. That frame, he told me he wants me, he loves me, he needs me!
found here: Better Homes and Gardens
I bought coasters when I bought my new dining table thinking, yes! I'll be responsible and make people use coasters... SHA right! Maybe these would of worked better...

found here: Martha StewartThis is WAY modern BUT this wall mural - simply divine.

found here: flickr [user: kbreenbo.] Painter, Sean Scherer renovated this 1840s farmhouse in upstate New York.
Picture from here: New York Times
This gal reno this armoire and Go! Peacock Feathers lady!
found here: Peacock FeathersLet's just say I have a "thing" for Pottery Barn... and when did these people steal my basket?found here: Pottery Barn


Krista said...

At one point I was going to have an office (before kids) and I wanted it to have old looking maps in it. However that will have wait about 18 years or so. Love the pics

Jackie said...

So if i need the map that is on the chair do I just take it with me in the car?
I confused.

the lady of the house said...

Good Lord mother.

Annikke said...

I have been wanting to do some maps in my older sons room.... but just haven't done it yet!

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