Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A typical day in my shoes...

Thought: "Was that William... Guess it is time to get up and nurse) ....-Sit up and look at the clock - 1:00 ish a.m. - Man does this kid have his own alarm hidden in his crib?"

nurse William

back to sleep

Thought: "Man! I wish he would sleep longer, maybe I should start him on rice cereal" - 5 a.m.ish

nurse William

back to sleep - have to close our door this time because if Daphnie (the dog) wakes up before Pauly she'll be super loud and practically bark at Pauly under his door till he wakes up (She knows if Pauly wakes up, I have to... and if I wake up I will feed her. She's a stinker.)

7:30 a.m.ish "Knock, knock, knock! coming from Pauly's door... He knocks before he opens the door, I guess it is just habit from when he couldn't open the door and I had to come and get him... He opens the door and swings it open slamming it against the wall...

I jump out of bed to receive him and keep him from being any more loud so he doesn't wake up William.

I change Paul's diaper

We put Daphnie out to go to the bathroom

Daphnie comes in and then Paul feeds her... "Enough? Mom?" He asks me as he fills the cup with dog food. He usually ends up dumping it all over the floor because she either trips him or he trips himself BUT I tell him not to worry because she'll eat it.

We let her back outside to do #2 (See she only does #1 and she refuses to do anything more until after she has ate) Stinker I tell ya...

I make Pauly and I breakfast and my coffee... delish!

Sometimes, I have to clean the kitchen before that begins but most times I have the dishwasher full of clean dishes and the kitchen is tidy. I love a tidy kitchen.

Then, Paul sits on his booster chair at the table and I turn on the television to watch the Today show and I set up my computer at my chair in the living room to check emails and do some blogging and face book stuff :)

I sit in my chair and drink coffee and eat my breakfast and blog away. This is one of my favorite times of the day... I love peaking back to see what kind of silliness Pauly is doing by himself - a lot of times he just eats and we just visit. It's wonderful.

During this time Daddy has woke up and made his way through getting dressed for work, breakfast and is out the door.

By this time usually William is awake and I take care of him then go change his clothes for the day and get Pauly dressed at this time as well as dressing myself.

Pauly usually wants to watch Sesame Street and I putter around changing bedding, folding clothes, doing regular housework.

Most days, we stay home - I'm a real home body but if we do leave it is at this time to go do grocery shopping or go to the park to play. Thought: "Maybe I should go get some rice cereal - Do we need milk?"

Then lunch. We usually have a sandwich either grilled cheese with tomato soup or tuna/chicken salad with green beans or just something like that. At this time, I also decide what we are having for dinner and make sure the meat is set out if it needs to thaw. Dinner: Chicken Breasts, Rice and Broccoli - Pauly's favorite! He loves broccoli!

Nap time. Paul lays down from about 1 to 3 and this is about the time that William wakes up and we do our thing while Pauly naps. Sometimes we all get to nap at the same time but for some reason we are all off on our timing and that hasn't happened for a while. Needless to say, I've been going without a nap - BOOO HOOO!

Then we wake up and either go play outside or Pauly wants to watch a movie and have a snack. After his nap, he is usually quite grumpy so I have to hold him a second and he decides what he wants to do... Usually he'll say Russell (which means Up) and I'll go to get that and he'll say Liming Naqueen (Lightening McQueen from Cars) and I'll grab that, then he'll switch back to Russell - this will go on forever if I don't just pick one and it OF COURSE is the WRONG one that he "doesn't" want and he gets upset and then once the previews come on he's cool. He is so grump after naps. While he does this I clean up and start dinner. Usually William is in his bouncy chair playing or on the floor (he rolled over the other day from his stomach to his back!)

Daddy gets home just before dinner (most days - but lately we haven't seen him much, he's been working a lot!)

Then during dinner we watch Jeopardy (Ben's favorite) and Wheel of Fortune (Pauly's favorite!).

After that William usually goes down for a little nap and I paint or do play-do with Pauly or play the Memory Game - our favorite!

Then Pauly's tub time and one of us are usually sitting in there monitoring him and making sure he isn't drinking too much water - he loves to drink bath water... nerd! Then William wakes up to play for a little while.

Pauly usually goes to sleep about 8:30 9ish and that is when I breathe a deep sigh of relief and think, Awesome! I made it! I made it through another day with that 2 year old boy - Wow!

William gets his bath about this time and goes to bed at 10 or 11 - just differs, last night it was 9! It rocked! He was so tuckered out from skipping naps through yesterday between running errands and my Mama's Group.

Then Daddy and I watch a movie. "Something we both would like!" (inside joke) -

Last night I watched a little bit of Fletch with Chevy Chase, that movie is hilarious - I usually get through about 1/2 hour to 45 min. of the movie and I say, Don't be mad at me, I'm going to bed, Sorry. He never is mad - he knows it is coming just about every night. I've got to have my beauty sleep - I NEED A LOT OF IT :)!!! I usually get to sleep around 11:30 or sometimes sooner....

and then round and round it goes. I love it! & too bad I couldn't wear those sparkly shoes through the day, I think those would make me super happy every day! Aren't they fabulous?


Misty said...

:) Wouldn't sparkly shoes somehow make everything a bit better???

Jackie said...

Maybe for the first 15 minutes then your feet would be hurting so bad that going barefoot would be your favorite thing..
Also, you forgot to tell Mimi William aka, Bill, aka Baby Billy rolled over. I can't wait to see the kids next month.


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