Friday, February 26, 2010

Classic CowgirlBling

I won a contest!

Right before Valentines Day this little gal on Facebook was asking everyone to share their engagement story with her. After everyone submitted their engagement story to her she picked one of her most favorites. & Our's won! Yippee! and this is what she sent me for being the contest winner! She is super creative with her designs and I was really excited by the quality!

Her info:

Mobile Number: 1-406-396-5482

Our Engagement Story:

I was totally excited! My boyfriend let me pick the Valentine's Date - I knew that Cinderella Ballet was on at BSU so that was it! It was Valentines 2004 - I spent that whole day getting nails done (then right next door to the nail salon) was my hair due gal... I went in there just wanted a little trim and then I wanted her to give me prom hair (as I had bought a new black velvet dress, high heels jewelry OH YEAH! the works! So! Got my nails done and went over to get my hair done and then I was to go back over and get my pedi WELL the gal totally cut my hair TOO short and I was trying to grow it out - I was just getting excited about how I was being so good about NOT Cutting it! BUT that lady totally ruined it! I totally lied and got myself out of there - the second I left I started bawling only to go to the restroom in the nail salon to call my mom and bawl to her... (little did I know they had just hung up with my boyfriend who had asked them for my hand in marriage) Mom put me back together (with a little bit of encouragement from all the cute little Korean man and ladies in the Nail Salon - Then off we went! The ballet was awesome, then we got back to the car and he took me to every spot that "meant" something to us... where we met, where we each lived when we met, our first date, then he took me to an old apartment that I had when we were dating and next door to that was this old lutheran church (which I told him one day I wanted to be married in because it was BEAUUUTIFUL! Anyhow, we get out of the car and need less to say he asked me on the steps of that church and taduh married 5 years with 2 little boys. Love of my life, best friend, and if you would of asked me 10 years ago to pick the guy out in a line that God had for me to marry in September 2004 I could never of done. The Lord works in mysterious ways. The end ♥


Krista said...

Great story. I can see why you won.

Misty said...

Lovely story! And this jewelry so fits you and your personality :)

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