Thursday, February 18, 2010

I stole this...

I stole this idea from this gal. She rocks! She is hilarious and on Mondays she does this bit about things she "didn't" do. It's hysterical - in just about every post she has me laughing out loud!
She did a post about all the blogs or websites she visits daily and why she visits them. I thought this was a genius idea and wanted to share my favorites!

So here we go:

I smile as soon as I see this gal's header. Her blog is beautiful and she is amazing. I love it how she uses her every day experiences and finds heaven sent encouragement. She's a amazing and boy! is she handy! Right now she is starting her own line of baby and crib linens. SOON TO COME! You'll love her.

Then I skip over to this one - for some much needed Cottage Seaspiration! This gal takes dumpster diving to a whole other level! This Aussie gal is fabulous!

I LOVE visiting the adoreable and incredibly talented Mr. and Mrs. Lettered Cottage who always brighten my day with their home renovations, design consultation ideas and guest my nest.

Ashely Ann Photography blog is inspirational, and who doesn't love pretty pictures? She's amazing, so creative with not only her pictures but also her craft projects and home decor. She is a delight!

This Thrifty Decor Chick is super smart and I just can't believe what she comes up with sometimes!

Sherelle's pictures make me laugh and cry. She makes me homesick and all the pics of her and her kids and the farm.... heavenly!

These of course are only a handful of the many adoreable blogs I love! Because I'm telling you these ladies are amazing! and they truly make my day! & I hope you enjoy them too!


Misty said...

This is a great idea... i am totally snagging it from you! :) I need some blog fodder...

Shelley in SC said...

It made me smile to see that you enjoy some of the same blogs I do!! And thanks for introducing me to some I've never heard of. I have an idea if you love them, I will too : )!!

Shelley in SC said...

Oops, I also meant to say I LOVE your new banner!

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