Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just us...

So my little boy is officially growing too fast. Ben and I were talking last night and we just can't believe how tall he is getting and how tuned in to what we are talking about. It is insane! TOOOO FAST! So this morning we were searching Craigslist thinking we should find him that Toddler Bed we had been talking about and we decided for a little while he could sleep in his crib with the outside bars off.

So we ventured into his room and it took us surprisingly like 10 minutes to figure out how to take the bars off. We knew we didn't need any tools it just was a matter of slipping it down or something. We we had to push it down and pushing two buttons and it came right off. It was pretty funny how easy it was... Anyways, we got off that outside rail and I made his bed and put all his adorable stuffed animals on it and called him in the room. We said "Come see your... of course as everyone says) 'Big Boy Bed'!" He thought that was pretty cool and climbed right in.

After we got him all set up we went out thrift store shopping. Ben bought a few books - (We'll see about the new idea that I have in mind called "Buy a book - Donate a book" - We just have a ton!) then we went to Bardenay for lunch. I was so proud of myself - I had a Caesar salad with chicken (I'm trying so hard!)

OH! OH! OH! OH! You should of seen the couple that we sat by. As we headed their way they were just kind of glaring at Pauly as if he was a insect that needed squashed. It was pretty hysterical watching them. They were sitting right almost on top of each other, sharing a bottle of red wine as they waited for their lunch - they were so tan they looked like an distressed leather Marc Jacobs Handbag - but not in a good way. She had a HUGE wedding ring and they just kind of reeked of that couple that were not into having kids... so okay it isn't their thing and we know Bardenay isn't really a perfect kid environment. But it isn't like it is a bar and there are NO Kids allowed - they have highchairs there so they are expecting kids! Anyway, during the whole lunch our little angel sat down, ate his lunch and was super quiet (except for the one time he hit his head on the corner of the table) saying please and thank you doing his signing and he was just so good! We came home from eating lunch and he slept in his bed for a nap without any problems. It rocked! We'll see how tonight goes.

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