Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm obsessed

Have you ever really thought about Peacocks as inspiration for your home decor? Well... I can't get over their beauty. What an expression of God's handy work! Their radiant colors of teal, green , purple, orange, and gold are a gorgeous display of vivid colors, textures and shapes to announce one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Ahhhh... takes my breath away. I think that in 2009 I'm going to paint some rooms in my house and I've been thinking a lot about colors I'm going to paint and certain room "themes" if you will. I'm contemplating on using these magnificent creatures as inspiration somewhere in my home.

As some of you may know I'm very particular about my Christmas tree as is my sisters, our mother and our mother's mother as for my father's mother and our aunts on both sides (so yes, we come from a long line of snobbery when it pertains to our Christmas trees ;) - In the Melton home during Christmas there will be no Hodge Podge Christmas Tree presented (with only one exception of my husband's candy canes that HAVE to be present - I do it because I love him :o). I know, I know, Hodge Podge is some people's absolute #1 choice and maybe someday I'll/we'll learn to appreciate that but for the years to come I suspect we'll have decorations on our tree that are of some type of relevance to our particular holiday design for that year. So look what I found girls! A Peacock Christmas Tree! Now wouldn't that be fabulous darling? Here are some other "Peacocktacular" decorating ideas I found online - Enjoy :)

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