Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Super Cold!!!

As I said on my last post from yesterday. I am in Howe. I have no idea how cold it is right now but I know it is below zero. SO COLD! I guess I don't remember it being this cold when I was growing up here! I do remember though coming in from riding horses all evening and my legs trying to thaw out and being really itchy from all hives. I don't really understand why they get itchy with hives with they get cold. It sucks though! I remember horse troughs being completely froze solid as well as just the hydrants being froze so we could water at all and we would have to carry water. What a nightmare! Animals freezing to death...

thinking of that I wonder how Dapher did last night in this weather... I bet if she had a tail it would be froze off! Poor girl... maybe tomorrow we'll bring her onto the front porch - I'm sure she would prefer that. She is probably fine warm in one of the dog houses or in the haystack out back. Well maybe it is a good thing it is so cold because the reason I'm down here has got me pretty HOT!

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