Monday, January 19, 2009

up all night with the brady bunch

Last night, Ben and I were on our way to bed and as we always do every night, we turned on the television to go to sleep. It is his habit - not mine, but I've learned to deal. Last night, I found the Brady Bunch was playing for like 3 hours straight on tvland. Plus it was Season 1 from way back in 1970 so they were all tiny little ones. Ben and I instantly got hooked and stayed up for at least 2 hours watching this addictive sitcom featuring that family that stole the hearts of all over 30 years ago. Something we couldn't believe was how, back then, kids were very respectful to their parents and their decision making.

One of the episodes we watched was the boys and the girls were both collecting trading stamps from the local grocery store - you know the trading stamps that you collect so many than you take them in and get a prize. Well, Alice (the housekeeper) had a huge stash that they were all fighting over and they had to split them up fairly - well a wet dog and stamps don't mix! So they ended up deciding they would just put all the stamps back together and have a contest. So the contest was between the boys verses the girls. Whoever won the contest won all the stamps and they got to go and buy what they wanted. I believe the girls wanted a sewing machine and the boys wanted a row boat. The contest was building a house with playing cards. So one by one the Brady's built this house of cards and each child had to steadily place a card to keep building the house of cards. I turned out that the dog snuck up behind one of the boys and pushed him into the stack of cards and it toppled over. The boys of course thought this was an accident and there should be a do over but the parents had said everything counts before the game ever started, so the girls won the stamps. Of course they didn't come home with a sewing machine they came home with a colored television that everyone could enjoy.

Now, I understand it is just television but compared to the way that kids/parents act today towards one another it was baffling. Ben and I know we are not going to be perfect parents but The Brady Bunch show sure opens your eyes to the way certain issues should be handled in the household. The parents showed tons of love and it reflected in the way the children reacted back to their parents. Watch an episode or two soon and enjoy! Next... I'll see if he'll watch 'The Little House on the Prarie' :D!

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Misty said...

i completely see where you are going with this. We could watch that now, in all of our new millennium cynicism and say "that's ridiculous! no one acts like that." but, when we really process it- it really could be that simple.

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