Friday, January 23, 2009

Does wonders for the Soul...

Don't you have that certain song that your little heart just goes pitter-patter over as soon as it starts on the radio... You run over to the radio and turn it up... you close your eyes, smile and your hips begin to sway back and forth...

Well... I do happen to love the song on here Sway - which as we all know this song was first sang by the favorite, Dean Martin. On my play list it is sang by the one and only MICHAEL Buble. I capitalize MICHAEL because my mother keeps forgetting it is Michael and not Mark... She is so silly! (We had a few good laughs over that already)

Hope you enjoy the new music on my blog! I love it and it is compiled of some of my old and new favorites! My most favorite on this list is probably Held by Natalie Grant - it just gives me so much comfort knowing I'm always available to be held by my Lord, Savior and King of my life!

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