Saturday, January 24, 2009

100 things I love!

Since Valentines is creeping up on us - I thought I bet I can come up with a fun list of 100 things I heart!... So here it is in no particular order... well sort of in order but not really...

  1. Jesus
  2. My husband - He is loving, hard working, and Hot!
  3. My Son - you've seen him! He is precious!
  4. My Whole Family
  5. Dapher Doo (My dog she is a Cocker)
  6. Friends (We are so blessed to have so many wonderful, close friends!)
  7. Newborn Babies (human and animal :)
  8. Memories from Childhood (especially the ones that involve my sisters)
  9. Music (Christian, Country, Swing, Oldies, Hip Hop, Pop and Classical)
  10. Going to church (we have an amazing church family)
  11. Fashion, Design, and Creating
  12. Sunsets
  13. Watching Movies with my husband and eating popcorn
  14. Popcorn w/ Carmel ( My husband makes it for me)
  15. My husband's cooking!
  16. Listening to my husband sing and play the guitar!
  17. My mom/grandmas' cooking
  18. My home church in Howe
  19. Surprises!
  20. Playing tricks on people
  21. Sunsets
  22. Rainy Days
  23. Coffee
  24. Flip Flops
  25. Doing hair (especially little girls' hair! Always have!)
  26. All the old letters, china hutch, and such I have from my Grandma Great
  27. My house
  28. Watching my boy sleep
  29. Holding hands with my husband
  30. Holding Pauly while he sleeps
  31. Hugs and Kisses from my boy
  32. Talking to my nieces and nephews on the phone
  33. Chocolate
  34. Staying in hotels (they have to have a pool!)
  35. Smell of dirt and horse poop (BUT I hate to be dirty)
  36. The idea of loving to be dirty and being a green- thumb gardener type
  37. Memories of going trucking with both my dad, grandpa and uncle
  38. Fall
  39. Thanksgiving at Grandma Sally's
  40. Christmas in Howe at Mom's and Grandma Pattie's house
  41. Easter at Grandma Pattie's house
  42. Ice Tea w/ Lemon
  43. Venti Vanilla Chai Tea Latte
  44. Les Schwab - THEY ROCK!
  45. Target
  46. Ross
  47. Going through my Grandma Pattie's picture boxes
  48. Cooking
  49. Painting
  50. Picnics
  51. Taking Pauly to see his daddy at work
  52. Going to the Library with Pauly, Phoebe and Heather!
  53. My jeep!
  54. Getting a letter/package in the mail
  55. A room with good lighting, paint and decor (any page out of a Pottery Barn Magazine)
  56. Pottery Barn
  57. Land of Nod
  58. Our laptop
  59. The idea of having more children
  60. Flowers - Hydrangeas!
  61. Lilacs in the Spring
  62. Allergy medicine
  63. Red Wine (even though it breaks me out into hives)
  64. Eating Lamb
  65. Fresh cut grass
  66. Smell/Eating of BBQ in the summertime
  67. Traveling to go see family (especially with good music or Dr. Laura)
  68. Dr. Laura
  69. Disney Movies
  70. Sex and the City
  71. Craig's List
  72. Arco Advertiser Online
  73. Eating Breakfast out on a Saturday Morning with my boys
  74. Thrift store shopping
  75. Spending the day at Granny's
  76. Playing Nertz with Granny
  77. Listening to someone sing or play an instrument when they are really good (I get goosebumps)
  78. Alone time in the morning before the little monster wakes up
  79. The sound of the garbage truck taking our garbage away
  80. The Cosby Show
  81. Food Network
  82. Getting in bed at night when the house is clean and your bed was made with new sheets!
  83. Watching Basque Dancing!
  84. Downtown Boise in the summertime
  85. Shade of a tree on a hot day
  86. My dishwasher!
  87. My new oven!
  88. Cruiser Bikes especially if they have a basket on them!
  89. Bardenay
  90. Having a cocktail with my husband on date night at The Basque Center
  91. Earrings
  92. Extreme Makeover - Home Edition
  93. Handy Manny "Come on Tools!"
  94. Coloring with my son
  95. Candles
  96. Canning
  97. Homemaking
  98. Folding clothes! I HATE putting them away though!
  99. Bath and Body Works
  100. Etsy!

1 comment:

Misty said...

we love many of the same things!!! Many, many... :)
Though glad to see someone else knows the Land of Nod. Not many Idahoans do, that I've encountered...

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