Friday, January 16, 2009

oh the smell

i love the smell of...
  1. My mom's house - it usually smells like something is in the oven, perfume, laundry softener and Scentsy candles all rolled into one. Delish!!!!!!!!
  2. Grandma Pattie's House in the Morning - most importantly you'll smell coffee (that is just a given - it's Grandma Pattie's house for goodness sake!), her home just has a comfy, crispy, percale sheet kind of smell - the house just smells of history. Also in the mornings Grandma always has some kind of mouth-watering breakfast meat cooking; which adds to the savory smells! Her basement has a great whiff too!
  3. Grandma Sally's House - I've told her this before and I'm not the only one that has picked up on this and it is very simple - Garlic, Georgio (Grandma's perfume), Listerine, Caress Soap... All of those combined is a smell that just makes my heart melt to think about it.
  4. Aunt Lyn's perfume - I love my Aunt Lyn and a very fun memory for me is when I went to Howe Elementary School- I literally could remember knowing when Aunt Lyn was in the building. I just could smell her. I don't even know what perfume she wears and I don't think it is the same perfume now as it was then... the lady just smells good!
  5. Aunt Louise's House on Laundry Day - my Aunt Louise uses something really abnormal in her laundry to keep her washing machine efficient and that is Pine Sol. So you know when you pull up outside a house and you can tell they are doing laundry because of steam coming out from the washer and dryer... Well, it smells like Pine Sol at Aunt Louise's house - and it is heavenly!
  6. Granny's House - there is something about Ben's mother's house. I don't even know what it is actually! I just know that she is the type of gal that grows her own herbs and makes her own, well... EVERYTHING! So it must be the combination of just wholesome food, lotions, and fun!
  7. Target - Everyone knows Target has it's own smell. It kind of smells like popcorn and fried food from the Food Court and new clothes. What could be better?
  8. New Car! - Yum! Everyone likes that new car smell!
  9. Glade Apple Cinnamon - It just smells good! Try it!
  10. Victorian Christmas Yankee Candle - Smells like Christmas, Cinnamon, Cookies and just plain ole deliciousness!

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