Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Barack Obama!

Today we went to the Library for story time then after we went across the street to the Julia Davis Park play area. It was a really cool little area with great toys for younger kids! Paul loved it! When we first arrived there were a ton of kids! There were a couple girls that loved Pauly and wanted to carry him around like they were his little mamas. (Their daycare instructor put the kibosh to that - thank you!) Then there was a sweet little girl who was making sure he was okay going up and down the steeper set of stairs, then there was Barack Obama! Yeah he was at the Julia Davis Park today don'tcha know?

Well... not really but there was a little blonde kid running around with a YMCA t-shirt yelling! "I'm Barack Obama!" It was kind of cute. He seemed like a loner type kid because later I noticed no one sat by him at lunch time...poor thing, but during his announcement speech- he happened to be standing by Pauly when he yelled - yet again, "I'm Barack Obama - the President!" Well you should of seen the look on Pauly's face - if I was guessing what he was thinking it was... "Who the heck is that? and WHY are you yelling at me?" This kid then said to Pauly, "Don't be afraid, I'm Barack Obama!".

By this point I was just about rolling on the little cement perch I was sitting on. It was hysterical - between the kid yelling and excited about being Barack Obama and Pauly's look he gave him - I had wished I had a camera! Maybe you had to be there...

Later on, I had to pry Pauly off a sweet little girl that he was just smitten over. He was running after her all over the play ground, just following her everywhere and then he started hugging her. That is when mama had to run and help him because her daddy was on his way! What can I say, my kid knows when a girl is cute - just like his daddy I guess...


Brian and Jodi Brown said...

I can totally picture the look that he had on his face. These stories made aunti jojo laugh. Love you guys...


Jackie said...

Sami, you have to start packing your camera, I would of given a hundred dollars to see his face when that little boy was yelling that!

funny funny.
to the moon


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