Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pauly and I spent a week in Washington!!

Well, as many of you already know about 2 weeks ago Pauly and I ventured to Washington and spent a week with my sister. We had a fabulous time and the week was packed full of delicious food (just ask Pauly - he loved Aunt Jo Jo's food!), lots of outside playing time (I have a tan - it's a miracle!), and fun outings with the Browns! First off when we got there we took a tour around the house and I got to see Jodi and Brian's place... they have worked their little hearts away at this place that looked like it was near death when they first got there. Her house is adorable, painted a awesome tan/yellow and she has hanging baskets of red flowers hanging from the eves. She also has hung an American Flag that yours truly gave her years ago. What can I say - I'm a fan of having an American Flag out front - it is just my way. She is a heck of a gardener and yard keeper. Her yard looks very well trimmed and you should have seen how darn cute she looked wearing her cute little (well not that little) shorts with her irrigation boots mowing her lawn on her riding lawn mower with her sweet little farmer boy riding along. I got a pic of it but I haven't processed that one yet... (first I've got to find a new place to process my film - that is another story!)

She had a menu all planned out including the first night she made me BBQ pulled beef sandwiches - they were divine! That evening we went for a ride in the pick up and we drove around the ranch/farm. It is amazing the land out there... rolling hills of green wheat fields. Gorgeous! The next day we took the kids in to play at the park and she gave me a little tour of their cute little town. The kids went crazy on the big slide!
The kids had a great time hanging out together! They have a little tikes playground with swings and a slide and they played on that and in the water for hours. Pauly especially liked the little car they had. Birch and Pauly would (as well as they could) would take turns with the car and toward the end of our visit they were getting a long really well.
Pauly loved Bailey Boo - he was pretty sure she was the next best thing right behind his Aunt Jo Jo's cooking. She was such a doll while we were there. She let the boys ransack her bedroom and was such a good helper with the boys. She is the sweetest thing! She is beautiful just like her mama.

Later on we went to Portland to Cat Tales; which is an all large cat zoo. It was awesome! We saw a white tiger, lions, leopards, a HUGE mountain lion and tigers... and bears! Really bears too! They stunk bad!

More pics to come later! Love you all and thanks for such an amazing time with ya!

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Jackie said...

I am so glad you went and spent time with you sister, you know how important that is to me that you girls stay close.
I love you sam


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