Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Legacy

Ben's Granny passed on Sunday. I had met her last summer. I only got the chance to meet her the one time. She was already suffering from dementia and was struggling. Although she was already fading she showed signs of that feisty, kindhearted Granny that Ben and my mother-in-law knew. She smiled and she joked around a tad. It was a beautiful moment to have spent with her.

It is truly amazing that she was with us as long as she was. Ben struggled with the fact that she was in her state for so long... he wanted to know why God would do that. Obviously, I don't have the answers but the only thing that kept running through my head is how many people she may have touched even in the unfortunate state she was in. We don't know how many times she came in and out of her dementia and in that opportunity sparked a smile or a kind word to another patient living there or possible a nurse working at the home. Maybe it was a nurse who was trying to figure out why she was working there and that little Granny spark of smile completely answered her questions. Maybe it was a patient who was missing his/her family and found comfort through Granny. We will never know why he kept her this long but I know God uses all of us in amazing, unforeseen ways. We never know when it will be, who we will be with or how he'll do it. This is the only answer I have to this frustrating question. We must have faith and take comfort in the fact that God is in control and knows what is best for our lives.

I'm so blessed to have met Granny. Ben and I are both so thankful that our Pauly was able to have met her and we were able to take a few pictures. She was 97, I believe, when she passed. It is amazing to think of the things she did or saw in her life. I've heard she truly had a heart for God and I feel we do have a special connection, even though I never really got to know her and that is that we both are playing a part in the same legacy and that is the Legacy of our Lord and Savior.

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