Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cool Citrus Basil Lotion

Ever since I got pregnant this round - the mornings are well... just medium. I don't get sick (usually - except for today) but boy am I nauseous and on the verge at every moment! I keep myself from getting sick by (for some reason this works and I don't know why!) putting my hands in cold running water and closing my eyes. Isn't that weird? It is very bazaar I think but it works and at that time you'll do whatever works! Another thing that I've found that is totally working for me is smelling the fragrance of Bath and Body Works lotion Cool Citrus Basil Lotion! I found this in my cupboard about 3 months ago. It works like a charm. For some reason my nausea totally subsides and it gives me sort of a burst of energy! If you are looking for a yummy new scent for summer try it! It is delish!

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