Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spit like a Man!

So... on Thursday - Pauly and Daddy went to watch some men practice Rugby. These are some men that not to long ago Ben played Rugby with and is friends with. Pauly had a great time watching them and they played with him and talked to him.

They came home and Pauly was tired! Just worn out! We got him bathed and then off to bed. The next morning, Ben left for work and Pauly and I were hanging out at the house and I noticed that he was squatting down and spitting. ALL THE TIME! I had to tell him no spitting just when you brush your teeth and outside - okay!

Daddy got home and explained to me that he had learned about spitting during the Rugby practice. I was totally NOT MAD! about this - I think it is perfectly natural and totally adorable for a little boy to want to be like his daddy and spit and stuff! Don't get me wrong it is hysterical watching spit drip down his chin because, of course, it takes practice! But just the same it is darn cute!

Now, he has also started telling me he doesn't want his shirt on because... (you got it) he wants to be like daddy and run around without a shirt all the time. It is totally adorable!

I just can't believe all these Men I'm surrounded by! Not to mention the one that has taken up residence in my uterus who thinks he can kick me anytime he wants to! (mouthing the words... !!Help Me!!)

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