Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boys' Room!

I plan to put the two boys in the same room as the other two bedrooms in our house are down in our basement. My Little Man is too little still to go down in the basement all by his lonesome. He'll only be 2 in September so for now they will go in the same room. I plan to keep the room the same for the most part but maybe changing up a few things. I was looking through Google Images to see what ideas I could find. Here is a pic of the nursery when Pauly was born and for the most part (minus rocking chair, nightstand then add in a toddler bed and a toy box) it is the same... I really want to paint their names on some boards or maybe directly on the wall. Maybe just their initials like this

I also ran onto this cool idea which I completely love. The alphabet letters in all sorts of different fonts and colors. We don't have any crown molding in that room but just putting up a boarder like this and maybe painting beyond that a separate lighter color and same as the ceiling would really be appealing to the eye.Then I found this sign and I just couldn't help myself. Maybe I can recreate it on my own... I bet I can ;)

I've still been struggling getting Little Man's quilt done that includes the same bold colors as the baby bedding set. I've got to get focused and get it done before I get too big! I wasn't sure if I had posted any ultra sound pictures so here is a couple. We are calling HIM Dos. (as in #2) (Paul's nickname when he was in utero was Banjo - it was a nickname that came to a dream of his Auntie Holly - so we just called him that as we kept his name a secret from the family and that is what we are doing again - not that we have a name yet anyway... we are really struggling :)


Misty said...

they have some nice, affordable mouldings though and then you guys buy the actual letters, like they have in the photo rather than painting them. It's such a clever idea. Even if you only did one wall and then monogrammed the other... VERY cute ideas. You have such an adorable house so it will be priceless...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really like the abc's around the room.
Are you going to repaint the room?

If you need help let me know, Jodi would love to do it. HE HE!

Sign me up if you need something done.
to the moon

Krista said...

If you knoe anyone that has a cricut, then you can do anything you want in the vinel letters.


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