Wednesday, September 29, 2010

an informal introduction.

i have been thinking for a while about all of you.
you who come by my little ole blog and read about our daily events.
you put up with my crazy attempt to take "good" photos of my kids.
y'all listen to me ramble on and on about caterpillars wearing tulle
and my huge obsession for Grey's Anatomy and Gilmore Girls.
Let it be known that
you make my heart
so this is the post where i invite one of my dedicated blog readers to have coffee with me.

so without any further ado...

will Carolyn, please come down!
you're the next contestant (and first!) on
an informal introduction!
(this is where Carolyn puts her hands over her mouth and jumps up excited! as she didn't even know that I knew... she existed)
hi Carolyn!
come on in!

i'm so glad you could make it today...
these are for you.
aren't they gorgeous? i just love how sunflowers encourage autumn so beautifully.

i'm sure they will look fabulous in your home.
don't mind daphnie, she's friendly
pauly and william... say hello to Carolyn ~
you two play nice over there while we visit
i'm sorry that Ben is going to miss you - he is at work, of course.
maybe you two will meet some other day...
Carolyn, please take a seat here with me...
now, would you like some coffee?
i actually can whip up some tea in just seconds if you prefer.
cream? sugar?
and how about a blueberry scone?
let me get us a couple of plates, here.

okay, now.
let's visit.
OF COURSE I know you exist!
The Lady knows all *wink*
(I have a very dependable source consisting of sweet sister and all but shhhhhh... I won't tell Carolyn if you won't!!)

I know that you are so sweet to take a few minutes out of your day.
each day.
to come here and visit me.
I know that I am insanely jealous that you live so close to my sister -
I know! She is a doll.
I love her so.

I know that you, Carolyn, have made my sister and her family feel more at home than
just about anything or anyone since they've moved so far away from all of us.
and I
thank you,
from the bottom of my heart.

I know that you have a beautiful home.
impeccable taste.
you love your family
and they love you right back.

you ♥love♥ twink lights.
oooh! let me show you mine, my hubster put them up on my back patio for me.
dreamy, huh.
well, I wanted to send home something with you for Ed and the boys...
hope they enjoy them :)
(do you think they'll understand that they aren't real? ahhhh...Men! they're so serious when it comes to food :)
and this,
my dear,
is all.
Enjoy! & Thanks again, so much for coming today.
I hope we can get together again real soon. *wink
God Bless you and yours.
x♥x♥ ~ The Lady of the House
P.S. ~ Stay tuned all my love-bug-readers!
You might be my date next time on
an informal introduction.
Psssst! (but really the only way for me to know that you're out there... is to leave me a comment... so don't forget, now!)


Taylor said...

This was a cute post and I am really wanting to bite into that scone!

Krista said...

You are so cute. What a creative idea. I love it. You always have such great pictures.

Annikke said...

You are just the cutest thing!

(I painted my toes today with one of the fingernail polishes you sent me in the flip-flop swap! They look cute!)

CK said...

The Lady has made my day! The posting was very fun to read and you really got the essence right. So, thank you for the thank you! Your sister and her family are indeed wonderful and we so enjoy their company! Thanks for your great blog - I love all the photos - Jodi forwarded your site to me a while ago and I have been checking in! And yes, I love the twinkle lights and bubbly! I hope to see you when you come visit Jodi and family! Till then . .

lyssa said...

What a super cute idea and I always love your photos. Your blog is always somehow nice and ... airy. Yes, that's an odd description but it's how I I want go outside barefoot and kick some fall leaves and then come back in for some hot apple cider. Perhaps your blog has happy powers?


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