Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Feeding my feelings...

I don't think I've yet confessed on here my sweet love/addiction for Gilmore Girls.
If you haven't watched it
Gilmore Girls takes place in Stars Hallow, CT.
It is about a single mother Lorelai Gilmore who is raising her daughter Lorelai (Rory). It goes though Rory's high school years and college years.
It shows Lorelai working for a little place called the Independence Inn and she is working hard to some day have an Inn of her own.
I love it!I love their witty banter -
their quirky addiction to coffee, junk food and crazy movies.
I love how naive and dramatic they both are!

I love that the little town celebrates all of the holidays - and decorates!

& I LOVE LOVE Sookie - we're best friends by the way. She's fun, energetic, cute, LOVE her dimples and she cooks. Girlfriends for life we are...

I've been watching Gilmore Girls via my new friend Jenny. She been bringing me 2 seasons at a time.... (here's the kicker) at church. Now, if that isn't motivating to get yourself organized and make it to church - I don't know what is (tee hee).

& This last Saturday, I finished it.
It's over.
My get-the-kids-to-bed-on-time -
it's all about
"me" time

Why! Why did Rory have to grow up and why did it have to end. Why! Why I ask you?

So now, I've ate a whole carton of this...

Chocolate Brownie Thunder!!!

So tell me, what can I watch now -
what show can fill my Gilmore Girl void I have in my well...
now Chocolate Brownie Thunder ooozing heart?


Misty said...

I'm toying with watching GG. i've put it off, a few times, wanting Gen to be closer to Rory's age so that i can relate more.

up until last year, I was a self proclaimed television hater. (except for HBO tv, that is) and then we got introduced to 24 (a show I was certain I'd HATE), and then it was How I Met Your Mother (a show I was certain I wouldn't like.)

you could start over with the S & the c shows... Or what about Samantha Who? (it's shorter than GG, but so sweet and the girl who was the bff from GG is in it.)

Elizabeth said...

Hello. You and I are the only commenters (so far) on Sherelle. C blog (that is a little bit crazy cos heaps of people read her I think) anyway your blog is gorgeous and I just wanted to say Hi... and that ice cream looks devine :-)

Krista said...

You have inspired me to watch the show. You make me laugh every day! Thanks:)

Jackie said...


Just kidden


Shelley in SC said...

Okay, I am going to just HAVE to watch this show. I keep hearing people talk about it and usually the ones talking about it are people who I trust to tell me what's good. This show sounds great. I'm not usually a TV watcher either . . . except the occasional competetive reality show with my daughter (bonding time!)

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