Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"I am immeasurably comforted by pockets.
I am relaxed by the very word "pockets". Pockets."
i happen to agree.
this quote made me think about pockets and how comforted I am by them
and how frantic I get when I'm looking for my pockets and I'm not wearing any that day.
I wanted to share this with you...

i wake up to the screeching scratchy noise
of my little boys' door knob turning.two little faces
- waiting -
waiting to start their day.
four sets of dark eyes on me
- one set brown,
the other unknown...
so far.
huge smile.
a huge smile sweeps through my heart and soul,
ears, eyes, through my hair, down my shoulders and out my finger tips.
my day will be filled with
wipies, diapers, sippy-cups, cheerios.
cleaning up messes, holding babies,
tears, screaming,
headaches and whining.
lots and lots
of whining.

but at that moment...
that morning moment,
after i missed my boys all night long,
things are perfect.
as long as i know
i'll be keeping Him
in my pocket.
every day.
all day.
He's ready to
encourage, love,
speak words of promises
and new beginnings.
He'll be right there...
in. my. pocket.
whether i'm wearing
pockets -
or not.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

OK. I just love this whole stinking post. Every word! You totally get my pocket "thing". Of this, I am sure. :)

A Lasting First Impression said...

Lovely post. We have the best job in the world! And with God in our pocket life is made so much easier! Thanks for keeping it real!

AshTreeCottage said...

What a lovely, lovely post!! I hope you and your dear ones have a very sweet day!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

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