Saturday, August 7, 2010

this is my life.

We're having hot hot days
Paul gets to swim in the kiddie pool when it finally cools off .... at 8p - bedtime at 8:30p
hmmmm... doesn't really work - oh well, it's the summer.
I've started a new diet
full of lots of veggies, fruit and protein.
I guess this is how skinny people eat.
Already lost approx 10 lbs.
I'm excited, don't get me wrong - but right now... I want a piece of cheesecake.
I have a long long to do list (don't we all).
Daphnie needs groomed
downstairs has turned into a CAVE (oooooooooooo) - that is one of the scary sounds it makes.
my washer will take off running around my laundry room every once and a while... not sure why.
we've tried everything.
my back patio is clean and crisp (in my mind) I step back there it is cluttered, dirty and dusty.
I've thought about just going crazy and hosing down everything back there ... maybe I should.
William's top teeth have been trying to come out for the past month. Torture!
Paul has found some new words like, "I'm talking to you!" (even when I'm listening) &
He also says, "Yeah, sure!" and always calls me "Dad" and says, "Good Boy" to me.
What a stinker.
Decisions, Decisions to make about our future.
Gotta pray about that more.
Not doing it alone!
Ben's car needs to go get a major work over.
I am 3 months past due getting my drivers' license renewed.
Every time I drive I'm nervous I'm going to get stopped.
William is due for more shots and a dr. visit.
and the list goes on and on.
My husband, all though I love him to the moon, brings in random veggies from the garden.
By random I mean 2 cherry tomatoes and one very small jalapeno.
He doesn't really have a "spot" for them so he just sits them on any counter - at any time.
So thankful for the garden, and the gardener.
I had my coffee fall out of my freezer falling all over the floor.
My floors need mopped and my fridge/freezer needs scrubbed!
I'm constantly dreaming of cheesecake.
First it was Gilmore Girls and now it is Grey's Anatomy.
I can't wait till the mail comes today and my next Grey's is here!
I have a hideous headboard in my room that needs made over. Not quite sure where to start.
Why can't I be one of those girls that can eat cheese cake all day long.
I love America's Test Kitchen. Love it.
I think our toilet needs resealed... I guess I need to Google it.
I love Googling things and finding the answer and solving problems my self.
I totally loved doing that Giveaway!
So much fun!
I need a vacation. Alone. Just me. My beach house that's furnished in Pottery Barn,
Swoony Antiques,
And my fridge would have to be stocked with.... cheesecake.
Ha! In. My. Dreams.
Wait, in our dreams... right girls!
SO can't wait till Labor Day we are going back to my mom and dad's for the weekend.
I love going back home.
Hmmmm.... maybe I should pray for God to help me with my cheesecake desires.
and to remember my blessings (this post is kinda a downer, sorry).
I'm actually doing quite well on my diet and can't wait to share some pics... with you!
Ready for a change, a big one!
Change in wardrobe, energy level, self confidence, and many many other things.
Change is good.
Now, I think I'll go eat myself a boiled egg.


Jackie said...

Hey sis, I am so proud of you.
They have the "sweet Leaf" in 40 different flovors, I am not kidding, go check them out they might have something similiar to "Cheesecake" I have vanilla cream and grape, yum yum they are a good treat made with Stevia. And you know the little straws that are filled with crystal light? well they have those in orange, strawberry and lime. try them out. And keep on pressing on. Remember what ever we feed the most, Spirit or Flesh, is what is the strongest.
to the moon mom

Farmgirl Paints said...

Talk about random girl...that was all over the place. Loved it! First of all congrats on the weight loss. I sooo need to get back to eating clean. I feel fluffy. I don't think I've gained, but I feel fat. Does that make sense? I hear ya on the cheesecake. My cravings are out of control when I'm being really good. Haven't had many lately...because I've been cheating. Shame on me.

Love Grey's too. Can't wait for the Fall. You better get that driver's license renewed. Like...tomorrow!!!


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